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Do you think your friends would like to improve their English skills and have fun studying with LTC? Why not tell them all about your experience here in the UK? […]

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5 Top Tips for Studying Abroad

By Annalisa Fuochi For many students, studying at LTC means living in a foreign country and for some it is the first time that they have left home. At first, […]

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NEW: LTC Eastbourne Videos

Our LTC Eastbourne videos are now online! LTC Eastbourne has put together two videos to show you what it is like to come and study at LTC Eastbourne. Click on […]

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Autumn Vocabulary

As Autumn is now upon us, and it being Wednesday, we are going to learn some new vocabulary about this lovely season. Before we start though, Autumn is named differently […]

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What to expect when you go abroad for the first time

By Jennifer Rieck Going abroad for the first time is a unique experience which will remain with you all of your life. For this reason it is important to do […]

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Summer English in Brighton: our 2015 programme

LTC Brighton is pleased to announce the details of our Summer English programme for July and August 2015. Our English course: Each morning you’ll have interesting and challenging English lessons in […]

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Four things to remember when learning English in the UK

LTC Brighton students

Learning English is an extremely long process. There will be many highs and lows along your journey but it is important to keep at it and always think about the […]

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New Principal at LTC Eastbourne

We are pleased to announce a new Principal at LTC Eastbourne.  Clare Watson recently returned to the UK from working in Macau and took up her post with us on […]

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How We Celebrate Easter In The UK

In the UK, we celebrate Easter during Spring. It is a joyful time where people celebrate the rebirth of Jesus. It is quite interesting as Easter is a different day […]

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Things to Do In Eastbourne for International Students

Eastbourne | LTC English School

Eastbourne has plenty of attractions and things to do for an international student studying in the town. From Museums & Galleries, to historical points of interest and landmarks, Eastbourne is […]

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