5 Benefits of Learning English

by Nirvana Yarger When you are struggling with spelling or trying to remember all the different verb tenses, it can be tempting to give up on learning English altogether. If […]

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Eastbourne Airbourne 2015

In Eastbourne, there is an air show held every year and is an organised event involving the Royal Air Force as well as other military and civilian aircraft. If you study […]

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Why immersion is the most effective way to learn English

Learning English is never easy. But there are some ways to learn English that are much more effective than others.  LTC can’t remove the hard work, but we can make […]

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3 English Words I Will Never Forget and Why

By Luciana Patri English is such a fascinating language with an extensive and sometimes eccentric vocabulary. Here are some of Luciana’s favourite words – what are yours? Berserk Deriving from […]

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Who or What was Saint Valentine?

Well, no one really knows! Saint Valentine’s Day, celebrated on the 14th of February each year, is named after one or more early Christian martyr. Is seems there were a […]

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Five Essential Words/Expressions about British Winters

As we are in the middle of winter, with snow storms in America and in parts of Asia, it seems appropriate to write about vocabulary related to this topic. It can be cold in the UK but what other words can we use to describe our weather? Hopefully you will learn some new words as we look at 5 expressions you could use when speaking with friends in English about the Winter.

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NEW: LTC Eastbourne Videos

Our LTC Eastbourne videos are now online! LTC Eastbourne has put together two videos to show you what it is like to come and study at LTC Eastbourne. Click on […]

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Five Places to Visit in Eastbourne

Seven Sisters

If you are studying at LTC Eastbourne, you will have an opportunity to live with an English family during your studies and to visit or do things which would not […]

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British Foods you must try while in England

Fish & Chips | British Foods You Must Try | LTC Eastbourne

Historically, British food hasn’t had the best reputation. British cuisine is often perceived as quite boring and rather tasteless, but what if I were to tell you that this isn’t […]

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Things to Do In London for International Students

By Annalisa Fuochi   London is the capital of United Kingdom and it is the biggest city in England. It is also one of the world’s most-visited cities with the large […]

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