We recommend homestay as the best way to experience British life and to practice English.

This is an excellent way to meet local people and practice your English. At LTC Eastbourne, we are proud of our homestay providers and the positive feedback they get from students.For adult students, we guarantee that you will be the only person who speaks your language in the house (unless you ask to be with a friend). Because you have to speak English every day, you will learn English faster. We get feedback from all students and our homestay officer visits all our homestay providers regularly to make sure:

  • Our homestay providers give our students a warm and friendly home
  • They treat students as part of the home
  • The house is clean and comfortable with adequate heating and lighting
  • There is always privacy from members of the opposite sex

Your bedroom will have:

  • A comfortable bed
  • Sufficient hanging and drawer space for your clothes
  • A table, chair and lamp for studying (if this is not in the bedroom, you can use another table in a suitable room)

The room will be clean and you will have fresh bed linen and towels every week. Laundry arrangements are to be made with the homestay provider on arrival.

Students will also have access to washing facilities and bathrooms on a daily basis.

All adult students have a single room unless you ask to share with a friend.

Students on Young Learner courses usually share. Students who come to LTC as part of a group will normally be put in the same homestay accommodation as another student from their group.

Food at your accommodation

Our homestay accommodation for adults is normally half-board, which means your host will offer breakfast and your evening meal every day. On Saturdays and Sundays, your homestay provider will also offer lunch.

On school days, adult students can buy lunch at the school. Lunch prices start from £2.50. Young Learners will have a hot lunch at the school during the week as part of their programme so there is no additional fee.

For more information, visit our Homestay FAQ page.


  • Distance 10-35 minutes walking distance from the school

  • Number of Students 1-4 (4 is the maximum allowed, except in Private Home Accommodation)

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