General English Standard Course

20 Lessons / 15 Hours of study per week

Improve all your English skills!

Our General English Standard Course will help you improve all aspects of your English while you study and live in an English-speaking environment.

You can take a short course to brush up your English and increase your confidence and fluency or a longer course to raise the level of your English language.

You will study in a small mixed-nationality class (maximum 12 students).

Our courses are British Council accredited, ISI certified and taught by suitably qualified teachers.

General English Standard Course and General English Plus

In the General English Standard Course, you will have lots of listening and speaking practice in class and regular homework.

We will also give you regular progress tests and a tutorial every month so that you can measure your progress.

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Course Objectives
Levels and Progress


We lend you a coursebook (you don’t have to pay extra).  This will be the basis of your course but your teacher will also bring in extra materials to make sure your course meets your specific needs.

Outside Class

You will have regular homework to consolidate what you learn in class and you can use our library for self-study. We also arrange fun social activities where you can practise English with friends in an informal setting.

Certificates and Reports

At the end of your studies with LTC you will be given a certificate and a report from your teacher, provided you have attended at least 80% of your lessons.

Care of Students Under the Age of 18

Our General English courses are for adult students (median age 20-22). However, if you are age 16 or 17, we can offer you a place and have special arrangements for your welfare.

We have staff who are trained to support you. They will get to know you individually and will help you if you have a problem or a question.

View details of the level of care we give to students under 18



Price List 2017

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1- 4 weeks £190
5-11 weeks £177
13-23 weeks £156
24-35 weeks £140
36+ weeks £130

Fact File

  • Lessons per Week 20 lessons / 15 hours

  • Timetable: Standard classes 09:15-12:45 Monday-Friday

  • Age Range 16+, Median age 22 (20 in summer)

  • Class Size 12 maximum

  • Course Length 1 week minimum

  • Course Start Date Any Monday (or Tuesday in a week that begins with a public holiday)

  • Course Finish Date Any Friday

  • Levels Elementary to Advanced. Please note we cannot take beginners.

  • Public Holidays There are no classes on public holidays - see our Prices page for details

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