Welcome to the LTC Website

The new LTC website is part of a new range of web/digital initiatives by the LTC group of schools.

This website at ltc-english.com features high quality information about our schools, courses and services . It also allows students to look ‘through the window’ to life in our schools via the access to our Flickr image collections and through the links to our Facebook pages and group.

Students (and agents) can also book on-line via our new on-line booking form.

Very soon we’ll be adding on-line and off-line price calculators and beginning to translate parts of the site into a number of different languages.

The website will be complimented by this Blog and also by a more specific blog for students which will contain 100s of posts about life in the UK, our schools, and local facilities. It will be an ‘A-Z’ of student life for LTC students.


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