Google Map Updates

At LTC we try to use the web to provide as much information as possible to our students before they arrive. The idea is to ‘open a window’ onto the experience they’ll have in the UK at our schools in London, Brighton and Eastbourne. We believe that this means that students will arrive in the UK better prepared, more excited and also a little less nervous about their stay!

So if it’s information about the nearest coffee shop to the school for coffee addicts, the nearest place to play tennis for those inspired by Wimbledon, or the location of their homestay, our Google Maps are a great place to start the search for information.

LTC Brighton was the first school to integrate its Google Map into pre-arrival information for this summer. You can find our map at http://bit.ly/ltc-b-map so far we’ve had over 600 clicks.

London’s map can be found at http://bit.ly/ltc-l-map and Eastbourne’s http://bit.ly/ltc-e-map

We’ve just updated all the icons on the maps to make them more user friendly. Happy clicking!

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