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9 Reasons To Study English In The UK

9 Reasons To Study English | LTC

English! It’s one of the most widely spoken languages there is, its one of the most influential languages in terms of politics, media and research, and it’s also the most widespread language in the world. It’s even the universal language of the air! This means that all pilots have to speak in English regardless of their origin. So, it’s no wonder why learning English is a priority for so many people! The benefits of studying English really do speak for themselves. But, what would be the reason to study English in the UK as opposed to anywhere else in the world?

Well, In the 21st century, it is easy enough to learn English no matter where you are in the world! However, nothing can compare to learning English in a native English-speaking country! And what better place to learn English than the birthplace of the language itself, the United Kingdom.

In our below article we have compiled the top 9 reasons to study English in the UK. But, before we get on to our top 9 reasons to study English in the UK, lets look some more into the benefits of learning English in general.

Why You Should Learn English?

There are so many great reasons to study English. As the world advances people need a way for universal communication, and English has become the default language for many people. Many people disagree about English being the universal world language of the future, but ongoing growth of the language does suggest that the language could be heading in that direction.

Learning English will help you to expand your cultural knowledge! There is so much that one can learn from another culture and speaking to people is the best way to experience it first-hand. The culture can sometimes come as a bit of a shock for lots of people that aren’t used to the different slang and humour, but that’s the case when visiting anywhere new where their culture differs from yours.  Absorbing the English culture can help you to develop your English basics more quickly and gradually see improvements in you speaking and understanding.

Another reason to study English is because it is such a powerful language that can give you confidence when travelling, communicating with others, or for business purposes. Learning any new language gives you the confidence to speak to new people you wouldn’t normally be communicating with. Having the confidence to speak to others in a new language will help you in all aspects of life, whether that’s a simple conversation or a job interview. Learning English will help to keep your brain active, test you, and help you in other aspects of your day to day life.

Some find it fun to learn new a new language! Many enjoy the challenge. Opening up new opportunities can be exciting and the challenge that comes with it can be as well. No one can tell if learning a certain language will be right for you but the only way you can find out is by trying!

Learning a different language can also help change the way you think about different things. It can help further develop different parts of the brain. For example, in some languages their sentences are formed the other way around or grammar uses differ from that of ours, challenging your convention and changing the way you think.

English entertainment alone is a good enough reason to study English! Learning English isn’t easy, but by using different forms of entertainment and media as a tool to aid your progression, it can get better!

What Is The Importance Of Studying English?

The English language is a vitally important language in the 21st century! Although it is only the third largest language spoken worldwide, English is the second largest language in terms of both native speakers and those who use it as a second language. English is also by for the most popular language when it comes to business. The skills you develop when learning English can be used to advance your carer and social abilities.

Many countries, particularly those with a strong tourism industry, will have English speakers, even if that is not their native language. English is a very common language for people to communicate in when both parties speak different languages from one another, it’s a common ground language, probably because of how many people learn English as a second language.

Employers love having staff that can speak a second language, and even better when that second language is English! Learning English can help you to secure employment with businesses who require English communication for various different reasons. With much of the world’s business conducted in English these days, learning English really is a valuable asset!

If you can hold an English conversation with people who speak the language natively, you are on the fast track to success, at least when it comes to business, your studies, and travel! Now, what better reason is there to study English then that?

If you really still need any more reasons to study English, and more specifically studying English in the UK, then here’s 9 of our top reasons:

So, Here’s Our 9 Reasons To Learn English In The UK

There’s No Place Like Home

The United Kingdom, and England more specifically, is the birthplace of the English language! So, what better place to learn English than where it all began! The history of the English Language dates back to as early as the 5th century when Anglo-Saxons first settled in Britain! So, do it like the Saxons did and study the language in the United Kingdom!

Native Speakers Can Test Your Skills

By learning English in the United Kingdom, or any English-speaking country for that matter, you have the opportunity to test your new skills with native speakers! Test yourself! Start off by trying to complete just a sentence in English, before gradually increasing! Before long, you will be able to convince the native-speakers that English is your mother tongue too.

Largest Variety Of English Language Courses

Britain is home to largest variety of English language courses in the world! No matter what your age, what your ability level, or what your focus is! The United Kingdom is sure to have an English language course that is right for you!

English Wherever You Go

In the UK you will be able to take influence from the people around you. You will be able to hear the British public speak in different slang as well as in different accents. By learning in the UK, you will be able to understand how the locals speak to one another, something you won’t learn from a textbook or in a different country where English isn’t the native language.

Discover British History & Culture

It’s undeniable that the UK is filled with rich history and culture. If you learn English in the UK you will be able to learn more about the English language through different centuries and how the English language has evolved over thousands of years.

Authentic Experience

By learning English in the UK, you will gain an authentic experience which you wouldn’t get anywhere else in the world. If you learn English in the UK you will be able to learn from the UK public and will be able to learn interesting English slang and also different ways of greeting people. Learning English in the UK will improve your understanding of the English language and how it’s spoken by the English in today’s modern society.

Qualifications That Are Valued All Over The World

If you took an English qualification in the UK then you will have a qualification that is highly regarded and valued by academics across the world. The UK has one of the most prestigious and successful education systems’ in Europe. Gaining a qualification from either a school or college in the UK will help you on the right path to a bright and successful career.

Increased Chances Of Getting A UK University Place

After you’ve gained an English qualification, you may want to expand your knowledge and enrol into a UK University. The UK is home to many respected and successful universities such as: The University of Cambridge, The University of Oxford, and The University College of London.  You will have a better chance to enrol into universities in the UK if you hold a qualification obtained in the UK and have also studied and lived in the UK prior to applying to a university.

Good Travel Opportunities In To Europe

The UK is close to European counties such as France, Spain, and Germany, and with fantastic travel links such as the Eurotunnel it’s simple to visit these countries on a regular basis. Studying English in the UK allows you to visit captivating cities such as Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona and many more for a low cost and short travel time.

How To Study English By Yourself

There are lots of different ways you can study English, and one of those options is to study English by yourself! Although this may seem daunting, learning English on your own may not be as difficult as you first expect! Everyone has a unique learning method, and although some may struggle to learn English by themselves, others will find that learning English on their own is the best option for them. So, making sure you find the learning method that suits you is the key to English language success.

One of the most effective ways of learning English on your own is to consume English media, whether that be books, magazines, film, television, music, podcasts or just about any other form of media you can think of. Learning English from media such as television, film, and music is incredibly beneficial, particularly when it comes to oral communication and pronunciation. Listening, watching and reading can all be fun ways to help improve your English language skills. Although this is a great way to help you to learn new words and understand the English language better, you can’t just rely on English media to learn the language!

Checkout our blog post, How Music Can Help You To Learn English, to find out more about how music can benefit your language studies.

As well as consuming English media for comprehension and pronunciation purposes, it is also important to make sure that your English grammar when writing is correct. Lots of people find this part the most difficult part when learning the English language. There is plenty of complex grammar within the English language, often much of it nonsensical, that can be hard for people who do not speak English as their native language to understand. One of the major reasons for the complex grammar is the use of past, present and future tenses. It’s vital that you understand when to use each tense! But this isn’t the only complex grammar problem the English language has! Take the words, “their”, “there”, and “they’re” for example. All of these words sound the same, but they all have different meanings! So, making sure that your grammar and understanding is perfect and correct is another tip when learning English by yourself.

Read our blog post, English Words Which Sound The Same But Are Different, to discover more of the English Language’s complex grammar.

One of our final tips for when learning English by yourself is to use online tools and mobile phone apps to help improve your English! In the 21st century, everybody is online or on mobile, and there are plenty of free to use tools that have a great progression system to help you improve you English. There are also lots of great mobile applications that help you along your English language journey. These apps and tools can be very useful because they give you the opportunity to learn English wherever you go; as long as you have your phone on you or can access the internet.

How To Learn English Quickly and Easily

It’s the question that all English language students want to know the answer to. You already know your reasons to study English, but how can you learn English fast and easily? Well, just like anything, practise makes perfect! Progression over a longer time period will be more achievable but that’s not to say things can’t be sped up! One of the easiest ways to learn English quickly, or at least perfect your skills, is just by having conversations with people who speak English. When you have conversations with people who know the language and who speak it fluently, they can help you out when you make a small mistake in your conversation. Not only will this improve your vocabulary but will help you to improve the speed in which you can speak and understand English. This method has been proven to be the most efficient and quickest way to improve speaking and learning English.

Another way in which you can improve your English quickly is of course by studying an English Language course! English courses are immensely useful because the support you receive is second to none. The teachers are there to personally help you in the specific areas that you struggle in and will make sure that you overcome your barriers. There is such a huge variety of English language courses out there, particularly in the UK, so no matter what your ability level or what you would like to focus on, there will be a course that is right for you.

Something to bear in mind when looking to learn the English language quickly is to keep taking notes. This might sound simple but writing notes down for new vocabulary can go a long way. When you write words down not only does your brain get the feel for how to write it, but you also get more familiar with the word. You can also write down the definitions and go back to them when you need to recap on what a certain word means.

Make sure that when you get things wrong while learning the English language that you stay positive. There is no point in kicking yourself for a little mistake as that will only slow your progression. You shouldn’t get hung up on hurdles that you face while learning the English language but make sure you work on your weak points. This is so that that they aren’t still there when you start to develop confidence in the English language.

There are no ways to magically be fluent in English overnight, but the tips mentioned above can certainly help you progress to the next stage. Just like every skill you learn; practise and patience make perfect. You should always take help wherever you can, to speed up the process of learning the English language.

If the above reasons to study English in the UK aren’t enough to convince you, then I don’t know what will! Learning English will benefit you in so many ways, whether that be your career, your ability to socialise with others around the world, or simply the confidence to order a meal in an English-speaking country. The benefits of English are endless!

If you are thinking about learning English or looking to improve on your existing English language skills, then why not get in touch with LTC today. LTC are a leading English Language School in Eastbourne, providing various courses to students of all abilities and ages. You can get in touch by using our Contact Form, by emailing us at: or by calling us on 01323 727755, and a member of our helpful team will be happy to assist you. Discover the best reasons to study English with LTC today…

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