A day in the life of a student

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Ezgi, an enthusiastic student from Turkey. We asked her to write this blog, explaining what a usual day at LTC was like for her, and asking her to tell others about her overall experience. Here’s what she had to say…

“My name is Ezgi, I am from Turkey, Istanbul, and I am 19 years old. After I enrolled at a university earlier this year, I decided to go to the UK to improve my English. When I started to organise the trip, I became very nervous about everything. I hadn’t travelled by myself before and 2 months was really long period for me to live alone. But despite these feelings, I booked my course at LTC Eastbourne and went anyway.

I soon realised there was nothing to worry about.

On my first day in England, I visited the school by bus. I wasn’t sure how the journey would be, and I even got a little lost, but people were so kind and polite, and they helped me and showed me how to get to the school. When I then arrived at LTC Eastbourne, the staff welcomed me so politely. After only a few minutes, I relaxed and started to feel like LTC was a second home.

At LTC Eastbourne my typical day looked something like this…





In the morning, I would leave my homestay provider to catch the bus to school. My homestay family would take me to the bus stop and I would then travel by bus for 15 minutes. I am used to living in Istanbul where the city is crowded and buses were the main form of transportation, so travelling in this way was no problem for me!



In my class, there were 10 students, all from different countries – everybody was so friendly. Even though I was the only girl in the class, it was never an issue and we all became good friends. My teachers were also very kind and friendly. They clearly love teaching and cared about what we wanted to learn, adapting lessons to suit our needs. At the beginning, I thought, “if I don’t understand them, how can I communicate with them?”, but luckily I have never had that problem, thanks to the excellent teachers and their clear communication.





At lunch time I would then eat at the school. Honestly, I am not the kind of person who eats too much food, but at LTC the food is really delicious and is very tempting! The meals are cheap and really big. After lunch, I then often played table tennis with other students, or sometimes we would just sit in the garden chatting.







After the break, we would then start our afternoon class. This was always my favourite lesson. I was studying for TOEFL exams and these lessons were really useful for me.






After school, everyday, my friends and I would try something new. We would go to the cinema, pier, mall, parks or sometimes just Starbucks for a chat. Luckily I made really good friends here. I will miss them so much! I would often find that I preferred to spend time with friends as they helped me to practice my English.



I would then go back to my homestay. But before dinner, I would visit the local park (which was near to my house) and complete my homework and study. I liked taking in the fresh air and lying on the grass. So if there wasn’t rain, I always preferred to stay outside. But this is England, weather is changing all the time… Every morning, I found I was cold so I would wear a sweatshirt. But then during the day I would get hot and have to take off my sweatshirt. This is how life goes in England!






After the park I would then return to my homestay to have dinner and spend time with my family. I really loved them.









Before bed I used to enjoy writing in my diary, mainly about my thoughts and feelings of the day (writing always makes me happy).








At the weekends, my friends and I would always go somewhere different. Going anywhere from Eastbourne is really easy. When I came here, some people said “You’ll start to getting bored after 1 week in Eastbourne.” But I had 2 months here and not once did I get bored! I love Eastbourne. I suppose it is mostly because of my friends, my teachers and LTC staff. I am so glad that I have been a student in LTC. I feel so lucky. I will never forget my experience here, and will always treasure my memories of LTC.”


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