Hotels and Hostels

We can make help make reservations at hotels and hostels in the city. Brighton is a tourist destination so there are lots of options including self-catering apartments.

Brighton and Hove is a major tourist and conference resort and has many hotels, hostels and holiday apartments. You can visit the Visit Brighton website for information. LTC is able to assist with bookings at several hotels.


The Smart Backpackers Sea View is located 15 minutes’ walk from the school on Hove seafront. Click here for more details.

Journeys Hostel is centrally located and offers daily and weekly rates for budget accommodation. Click here for more details.

We recommend the Imperial Hotel (3 star) and the Adastral Hotel (2 star). The Imperial Hotel is located about 7 minutes from the school by bus or 15 minutes’ walk. The Adastral Hotel is located within 5 minutes walking distance of the school.

Brighton has many hotels and guest houses. A general guide to prices is that a 2 star guest house or small hotel with breakfast included costs from £60 per night.

Bed and Breakfast

The Aymer Guest House and the Hove Guest House are both within a few minutes’ walk of the school.

Holiday Apartments
We can also assist with booking a holiday apartment – please see the Best of Brighton website for examples of properties and prices.

Hotels and Hostels

  • Hotels There are lots of 2, 3 and 4 star hotels in Brighton and several 5 star options

  • Hostels There is a youth hostel in central Brighton and several hostel/hotels

  • Self-catering There are many self-catering apartments available in the city