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Hotels & Hostels in Eastbourne

As a holdiay resort Eastbourne has lots of accommodation options for students in hotels, guest houses and holiday apartments which can be rented on a weekly basis.

There are many good hotels and guest houses in Eastbourne if you prefer this option.

We usually recommend the Cherry Tree Hotel, a small and friendly Bed & Breakfast hotel not far from the beach.

Another good hotel is the Guesthouse East, a boutique hotel about 15 minutes’ walk from the college, between the shopping centre and the beach.  It has modern self-catering apartments with double, twin and family rooms, all designed to a high standard.

For information on other hotels and guest houses, see:



Students who come on a long-term English language course may be able to find an apartment, possibly with friends.  If you are interested in this, it’s a good idea to book four weeks’ homestay to give yourself time to find a nice apartment after you arrive. Please see
www.chesterseastbourne.com or
http://www.visiteastbourne.com/wheretostay for more information.

Hotel Price Range

Type Price per week
2 Star Hotel: £ 30-50/night
3 Star Hotel: £ 50-100/night
4 Star Hotel: £ 100-220/night

Prices vary according to the season and may be more expensive at weekends.

Hotel & Hostel Facts

  • Hotels There are over 50 hotels in Eastbourne

  • Guest Houses There are over 50 guest hourses in Eastbourne

  • Holiday Apartments There are many holiday apartments for rent around the year at reasonable prices