LTC offers carefully selected homestay for adult students and for young learners age 13 or over, and our school also has residential accommodation for young learners age 10-16.


This is an excellent way to live while you are learning English. You can practice your English at home every day and learn about British culture and the way of life.
For adult students, we offer single room accommodation (couples or friends can choose to share). If there are other students in the house, you will be the only one who speaks your language
Young learners usually share their room with one other student. Where students come to England as part of a group, they will normally share with another student from their group.
At LTC Eastbourne, we can offer accommodation within walking distance of the school.

Residential Accommodation

LTC Eastbourne has residential accommodation directly above the school for young learners aged 10-16. This is dormitory accommodation with shared bathroom facilities. Most rooms have four or five beds, but some have more and two very large rooms have 12.
LTC Eastbourne welcomes groups of students at any time of year and individuals during the summer.

Other Options

We can help students who wish to find a hotel, guest house or apartment. Many long-stay students book just four weeks’ homestay so that they can look for an apartment after they arrive.