7 Unlikely Places You Can Teach English Abroad

So, you’ve decided that you want to teach English as an additional language abroad but where on earth (literally) should you go? Before you rush into a decision, it’s worth considering all the possible options. Yes, we have all thought about Italy, France, Mexico and Japan, but here are some other ideas to take you out of your comfort zone that might not have previously been on your radar.

1. Pakistan

















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Although undergoing various domestic troubles in recent years, Pakistan, particularly the north of the country, should be considered a viable teaching option. If you have a love of mountainous treks, rich and spicy food, and you’re looking for a low cost of living, Pakistan should certainly be worth some consideration.


2. Chile














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South American teaching jobs are often very popular, however they are rarely the best paid. Chile is considered one of the more generous when it comes to teaching in Latin America. In addition to a healthy salary, Chile is a truly fascinating country with incredible cities and a rich history.


3. Morocco



















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This North African country might be heavily influenced by France but in recent years it has become much more important to speak English. This is especially true in some of its more modern cities, such as Casablanca, and there is now a big demand for English teachers.


4. Mongolia




















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Located in Central Asia, Mongolia is one of the least densely populated countries on the planet. Teaching jobs are on the rise here and, if you fancy experiencing throat singers, Buddhism and the Gobi Desert, this is the place for you. The pay is certainly not the best but you get to live somewhere completely unique and almost untouched by the English language teaching community.


5. Kyrgyzstan




















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Like Mongolia, there is a burgeoning market for English language in this Central Asian country. Kyrgyzstan is looking to increase its tourism trade, which requires it to embrace the English language. Perhaps surprisingly, pay in Kyrgyzstan can be relatively high.



6. Azerbaijan


















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Acting as a crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Azerbaijan is a great option when it comes to teaching English abroad. The country is looking to move away from the Russian language and embrace English for international trade. If you can teach business English you’ll be held in particularly high regard.



7. Bhutan


















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The King of Bhutan made English the official language of instruction here and, therefore, this landlocked Asian country always has plenty of English jobs going. You can be forgiven for not knowing much about Bhutan but it’s a beautiful, forward-thinking country, which is in the midst of exciting developments.

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Letter from Buckingham Palace

It’s not every day you get a letter from Buckingham Palace, but we received one this morning.  A could of weeks ago, as part of a class project, some of our Colombian students from Colegio San Bartolome in Bogota wrote letters to the Queen.

They were thrilled this morning when we got a reply from the Queen’s Lady-in-Waiting.  And what a nice reply it was!

Letter from Buckingham Palace
























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LTC Eastbourne’s 60th Anniversary

This year LTC Eastbourne is celebrating its 60th anniversary. It has become a landmark destination for international students to learn English in Eastbourne

Compton Place has always been a well-loved destination, even for royalty. It has welcomed many royal guests throughout its 700 years of history including King George III, King George V, our current Queen Elizabeth II, her sister Princess Margaret and a German Princess, Alexandra of Hesse, who later became the last Tsarina

Compton Place first became a ladies residential finishing school in 1954, it opened as LTC Ladies College of English. Apparently ‘LTC‘ stood for Ladies Training College,  but we have never seen this in writing.

As time went on fewer and fewer young girls dreamed of becoming a ‘lady’ and began to train as doctors, lawyers and for other professions. As a result, the demand for LTC’s courses declined.

In 1983, LTC became a language school for boys and girls and has grown to become the school we know today. Last year 3,035 students and 120 groups from 43 different countries came to learn English for an unforgettable learning experience.

Celebrations will take place this September to commemorate LTC Eastbourne’s 60th anniversary. It will be an opportunity for past and present students and staff to reflect on their time at LTC and look forward to many more successful years.

Ladies College of English

Ladies College of English, Compton Park

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NEW: LTC Eastbourne Videos

Our LTC Eastbourne videos are now online!
LTC Eastbourne has put together two videos to show you what it is like to come and study at LTC Eastbourne. Click on the images below to get an insight of our school and the town of Eastbourne and also listen to what our students have to say about their experience at LTC.












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New Marketing Assistant at LTC UK

We are pleased to welcome Laura Gifford to our team. Laura started as LTC UK’s Marketing Assistant on 5th August and is based in LTC Eastbourne.

Laura is a recent graduate who has worked in France and Germany. She speaks French and German.

She will be pleased to help you with everything from sending out brochures and certificates to answering questions and putting you in touch with our schools.

You can contact Laura on:


Skype: ltc.laura.gifford

Tel: +44 1323 727755Laura

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Summer courses: availability update

With summer approaching fast and our summer courses beginning in Eastbourne and London next week, and Brighton the week after, we’d like to remind you that information about last minute availability and the status for weeks in later July and August can be found on our website on our availability page.

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CELTA Teacher Training Course dates for 2014 published

LTC Brighton is pleased to present our course dates and fees for our 2014 Cambridge CELTA teacher training courses. We’ll be offering 6 courses in 2014, together with 2 more courses in 2013.

Our 4 week intensive courses will run in September and October 2013 and in January, March, April, June, September and October 2014.

Full information can be found on the course page. For candidates who are able to enrol and pay a deposit on the courses 1 or 2 months ahead of the starting date we’re pleased to be able to offer an “early bird” discount scheme.

For more details about the courses please contact us on 10273 735975 or email

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Marketing Visits: Korea and Japan

Rebecca Stead of our marketing office will be visiting agents in Japan and Korea in the second and third week of May.  Please contact her if you would like her to visit you: [email protected]

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Visit to Czech Republic

One of our directors, Paul Clark, will be visiting Prague to meet agents from 25 to 27 March, along with Veronika Vaculikova, the LTC London enrolment officer.  If you would like to meet them during their trip, please contact [email protected]

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English Plus Business Skills

You can find details of our unique English + Business Skills courses on our Downloads Page.  For these courses, students study English at LTC in the mornings and then take a Business Skills course at the nearest Pitman Training Centres in London, Brighton and Eastbourne.

Pitman Training are one of Britain’s largest private providers of skills training for office work.  Their highly flexible courses are suitable for students of any nationality whose English is at intermediate level (B1).  They run both long and short courses that offer both practical training for vocational qualifications and opportunities for students to practise using their English outside the language classroom.

To see details of Business Skills course prices, click here.

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