Visit to Czech Republic

One of our directors, Paul Clark, will be visiting Prague to meet agents from 25 to 27 March, along with Veronika Vaculikova, the LTC London enrolment officer.  If you would like to meet them during their trip, please contact [email protected]

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LTC London: The motion picture!

The LTC London school has a new video to help celebrate its first anniversary in the school’s new building at 100 Warwick Road, Ealing. Featuring students studying at the school in September we hope that it gives everyone a flavour of the international atmosphere at the school. It also features lots of shots of Ealing and of course central London in the late summer sunshine! Watch and enjoy!


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Who or What was Saint Valentine?

Well, no one really knows! Saint Valentine’s Day, celebrated on the 14th of February each year, is named after one or more early Christian martyr. Is seems there were a few early Christians named Valentine; Valentine of Rome (Valentinus presb. m. Romae) and Valentine of Terni (Valentinus ep Interamnensis m. Romae) being the most well remembered ones. Valentine of Rome was a priest who was martyred around AD 270. But neither of these Valentines were associated with Romance.

February during the Greco-Roman time was a period popular with fertility rites. The most well known of these was Lupercalia: a festival local to the city of Rome which usually happened from February 13 -15th. This was quite a barbaric and pagan festival and was banned by Pope Gelasius around 495.

The first provable links  between Saint Valentine and Romance were introduced by the English Medieval Poet Geoffrey Chaucer who wrote in ‘The parlament of Foules’;

For this was on seynt Volantynys day

Whan euery bryd comyth there to chese his make.

[“for this was Saint Valentine’s Day, when every bird cometh there to choose his mate”]

During the middle ages it was commonly believed that mid-February was when birds started their mating season. A bit unlikely in this weather!

So, dear LTC student, whatever the history February 14th is a great excuse to go and do something fun and romantic with your special person or your friends. Here are some options you can try out in London over the coming week:

Start your afternoon off at  Leighton House; a charming museum designed and lived in by the father of the Pre-Raphaelite painters Lord Leighton.

Take your beloved on a Romantic London sky ride on The London Eye

Try some late night Cabaret and dancing at the wonderfully intimate Madam Jojo’s in Soho to finish off your night.

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Welcome to the all-new LTC London!

We’re pleased to announce the relocation of our school in London to its new premises at 100 Warwick Road, Ealing, West London.

The new school is almost twice the size of our old premises, and is in its own self-contained building. The building is newly decorated and we’ve also invested in new furniture and classroom equipment.

Located over 2 floors the school is now 7000 square feet/750 square meters and features:

  • 17 classrooms
  • A dedicated computer centre
  • A large student lounge
  • Student Kitchen

The school is located next door to the University of West London, and to both Ealing Broadway and South Ealing underground stations are only a few minutes walk. This means there is more access to central London and our homestay areas.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be keeping this blog up to date with more photos and information as the various facilities at the school take shape and our students and staff settle into the building!

We’ve also updated our Google Map with details of the new location and the surrounding area.



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Summer time in Ealing

Quite leafy Ealing, as it’s known to locals, gets a little noisy in July. Lovely Walpole Park have been turned into a festival arena, with each weekend a different theme to enjoy. Last week Terry Alderton, Omid Djalili, Sean Lock, Stephen K Amos and Milton Jones made us laugh in the comedy festival, and this week we’ll be enjoying Jazz al fresco with The Ronnie Scott Legacy Band, the latin jazz of Paul Carmicheal’s Flight, Dick Esmond’s Sound of 17 Big Band and many more.

Check out the Ealing council website for more information on times and very reasonable entrances fees!

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LTC London is moving!

LTC London is moving to a new school building.

We’re very pleased to announce that in September 2011 LTC London will be relocating to a new and much larger building in Ealing. This will mean improved faculties for students and a school with a capacity of 200 students. More information will appear on the website and this blog over the next two months, but for now we’d like to share an ‘artist’s impression’ of the new building as it will look in September.

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