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How To Choose An English Language School

So, you have decided to become a student of the English language, that’s wonderful news! English is one of the most frequently used languages around the world, being able to […]

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Meet the 2019 Catering Team

It’s a busy time of year here at LTC Eastbourne, with all hands on deck as hundreds of students arrive from across the world. The catering team are tasked with […]

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What’s on this summer in Eastbourne?

This summer in Eastbourne…. Today is officially the first day of the British summer. Things are starting to hot up here at LTC Eastbourne, as our Young Learner Summer School […]

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Which English Course Should You Take?

Which English Course Should You Take | LTC

There are a variety of English courses out there to choose from with various different objectives and goals. With such a huge selection, choosing the right English language course can […]

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9 Reasons To Study English In The UK

9 Reasons To Study English | LTC

English! It’s one of the most widely spoken languages there is, its one of the most influential languages in terms of politics, media and research, and it’s also the most […]

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How Will Brexit Affect Your Students?

It’s the big question everyone wants answered. If you are not from the EU, the EEA or Switzerland, the answer is simple. Brexit will not affect your students at all. […]

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My LTC Eastbourne Experience – Sebastian Sepulveda

Sebastian Sepulveda is a recent student of LTC Eastbourne. The 18 year-old Colombian studied here in Eastbourne for six months, before returning home to Bucaramanga a few weeks ago. We […]

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Your 2019 Activity Leaders

The summer is fast approaching here at LTC Eastbourne, which means we’ve assembled an awesome group of Activity Leaders for the students of 2019. Our Activity Leaders have been busy […]

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Top 10 Reasons To Learn English

Top 10 Reasons to Learn English | LTC

There are lots of reasons why learning English in the UK is a great idea. The English language can be a struggle for many people to learn but finding the […]

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How Can You Improve Your English Communication?

How Can You Improve Your English Communication?

English! Its one of the most desired languages to communicate with in the whole world. But, how can you improve your English communication so that you can converse in the […]

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