Four things to remember when learning English in the UK

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Learning English is an extremely long process. There will be many highs and lows along your journey but it is important to keep at it and always think about the end result, be it related to your career, education or personal reasons. In this blog post we talk about four of the key things that it is worth remembering while studying the English language.

Stay positive

Your attitude and frame of mind, when learning English, is extremely important. A positive outlook means that you are more relaxed and focused, and therefore in a better mental state when it comes to absorbing and successfully using new information. Being negative will only slowdown your learning process. Teachers will respond much more to students that are actively making an effort and turning up to class with a positive attitude.

The real learning begins outside class

Many students turn up to lessons and do the work but then switch off completely once they’re outside of class. This is like buying ingredients from the supermarket everyday but then not cooking anything with them while they go mouldy and unusable in the cupboard. The real learning happens outside of the classroom because you don’t have the security blanket of your teacher and classmates. Everything you study can be used in real-life situations, like going to the shops, using public transport, reading a newspaper and watching television. Take a risk.

Routinely practice everything

Make a schedule. Try and study all the key areas – speaking, reading, writing, listening, grammar, vocabulary – every single day. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, you can always find time to do some extra studying. One of the common traps that many students fall into is advancing in some areas but then being weaker in others. There is no point in having lots of knowledge of grammar and vocabulary but not being able to speak, and what’s the use in holding down a conversation but then not being able to write. Make sure you’re spreading your workload amongst the main areas, practice as much as possible and don’t let anything get left behind.

The most important  

You can enrol on intensive, months-long courses, buy all the books available and spend hours in the library reading but get nowhere. The only way to properly learn a language is through your own effort. You, and your motivation, are the most important vehicles for your language learning and everything else – courses, books etc. – is just there to help you along the way.

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