What is British life like in the Autumn?


After an adventurous, dynamic and warm summer, autumn has arrived and leaves have started to fall and colour streets and parks of different shades of red and yellow. In North America the transition from summer to winter is indeed called “fall” in relation to the “fall of a leaf”, deriving from an Old English term.

As far as weather concerns, it is possible to have slightly warmer temperatures in October while being caught by possibilities of snowfall in November: the weather is therefore very variable with often more wind and rain. It changes from one day to another and people always have the feeling of living different seasons at once.  As it is clear, it follows that also clothing is variable: you could wear a t-shirt and loose cardigan on a sunny day laying in a park at the beginning of October and frantically be looking for your coat after two weeks as the weather has turned cold and windy. So when studying in the UK during this time, we advised you to be prepared – but don’t worry, if you forget some clothes, we always have PRIMARK.

As Autumn presses on, the clocks go back, meaning the evenings get darker as we lose an hour. This year, the clocks will change at 2am on Sunday October 30th, this is important to remember so check with us or your host family if needs be.  

As the evening start to get darker, many events take place in Autumn. Firstly, it is the season of HALLOWEEN, the famous and widely celebrated festivity. On the night of 31st of October many people, both children and adults, come together and dress up in scary costumes, animating this dark night, asking “trick or treat” from house to house or celebrating at parties and pubs.

The 5th of November is the anniversary of GUY FAWKES, also known as The Bonfire Night, who created a plot to assassinate King James I and to blow up the House of Lords but was finally caught. The commemoration is every year celebrated with fireworks and bonfires all over United Kingdom, where many parades and shows take place.

REMEMBRANCE DAY also takes place in Autumn, on the 11th of November and it is called The Poppy Day too. Since the end of The First World War, it aims to remember and commemorate everyone who lost their lives in battles while fighting or defending their countries.

Finally, at the end of November there is another famous Indian festival that is DIWALI, The Festival of Lights: all around London many streets host original and unique compositions of lights and candles as well as traditional food, music and culture habits all over the city and the UK.

Many events are held during autumn all over UK and it is always a festive period of the year during which nature surprises us with amazing colours and sunsets, atmospheres and lights.

It is also a time of year for much loved annual TV shows, such as XFactor, Strictly Come Dancing, the final of The Great British Bake Off and I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.  If you haven’t watched them before, you can usually catch these shows at the weekend.

We love the autumn. It’s a time to get out those fluffy coats and boots, a time to enjoy a warm drink and wrap up in blankets. It is also a time to begin thinking about the Christmas festivities and the potential of white, crisp snow…!


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