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Historically, British food hasn’t had the best reputation. British cuisine is often perceived as quite boring and rather tasteless, but what if I were to tell you that this isn’t true, and simply a misconception of the British. Trust me when I say, British cuisine alone is a good enough reason to come and visit England.

Below we have outlined a selection of Authentic British foods you must try while you’re in England, ranging from Authentic Everyday British Meals, to some more unique and unusual snacks and treats. Whatever your taste buds crave, England’s varied selection of food is sure to have something which will appeal to you.

Fish and Chips:
Fish and chips are one of the most popular authentic British foods out there, and is something which everybody should try. This is a meal which has been served to the British for hundreds of years, and its popularity remains today. The fish is first battered and fried, giving it a nice crunchy coating. This is then served up with Chips, often topped with some salt and vinegar, and sometimes authentic extras such as Mushy Peas or a pickled onion or egg. Fish & Chips are the perfect meal for a day out to the beach.

Bangers and Mash:
Bangers and mash is one of the simplest yet tastiest British meals there is. The simplicity of the meal, and how easy it is to make, has helped it to earn its place among the best Authentic British Foods to try in England. Sausages complement the creamy mashed potatoes so well that it’s hard to hate this authentic British meal (unless you’re a vegetarian or vegan of course, for which there are alternatives). In addition to the meal itself you can always top it off with a bit of gravy, for that extra flavour.

Jelly Babies:
Jelly Babies are an authentic British sweet which have been around for years and years. Their origin stretches way back to 1864, and they were once known as “Peace Babies” rather than Jelly Babies. Jelly Babies are a staple of British sweet shops, and you would be hard pushed to find somebody who doesn’t enjoy these tasty British treats. In fact, Iconic British Band, The Beatles, were known to be big fans of Jelly Babies.

Steak and Kidney Pie:
The steak and kidney pie is easily one of the most infamous British meals out there, and people just can’t get enough of it. The classic diced steak and kidney with fried onions and gravy makes for a flavourful combination. You’ll often be able to pick up a steak and kidney pie at your local fish and chip shop, If not, a traditional British pub is sure to have them.

Banoffee Pie:
Pies! Pies!! And more pies!!! The Banoffee Pie is a tasty British treat which not many people realise actually came from our shores. This tasty delight, which is now just as popular in the USA as it is here, is made up of a delicious biscuit base, bananas, whipped cream and caramel made from condensed milk. The banoffee pie was supposedly first created in Jevington, East Sussex, which is just a short journey away from LTC Eastbourne. This iconic desert is definitely a British food you must try while in England.

Brighton Rock:
Another classic authentic British treat, which is also a local creation, is Brighton Rock. This hard stick-shaped boiled sugar delight has been a staple of the Brighton seafront for years. Rock comes in various shapes and sizes and usually has a pattern embedded throughout the length, which is often the name of the resort where the rock is sold. Brighton rock is something which everyone should try, but mind your teeth, as this tasty delight is as hard as rock.

Sunday Roast
Now for the grand finale… the Sunday roast! You can choses from a variety of meats in this meal from lamb, beef, turkey, pork or chicken (Vegetarian and vegan options are often available too). In addition to your meat you also usually get a choice of vegetables, Roast Potatoes, and perhaps a Yorkshire pudding. Top this all of with some gravy and you have a traditional British meal you simply won’t be able to resist.

Our above selection of British Foods you must try while in England gives you an idea of the tasty British cuisine you can expect during your visit. If you would like to visit England and experience some of the delicious food we have to offer, then why not think about enrolling on an English Course in Eastbourne with LTC, our English courses will help you to improve your language skills within an authentic environment, making the most out of your trip. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to try Authentic British Foods. Get in touch today to discover more…

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