Love Brighton!

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Brighton is small enough to get to know in a few days, but big enough to have all the nightlife and entertainment you could want. It’s also so close to London it’s sometimes know as London by the Sea and the culture and buzz of London is only 55 minutes away by train.

The Brighton Tourism department has recently started a blog and a Facebook page all about why people ‘Love Brighton’ and there is also a great Flickr photo album.

The Love Brighton Blog
Love Brighton on Facebook
Love Brighton on Flickr

You can also find our more about living in Brighton on LTC’s Student Blog and Flickr image collection.

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New Video from Visit Brighton

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A very nice new video from Visit Brighton. Enjoy!

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Lonely Planet on Brighton and Hove

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We noticed a link to Lonely Planet’s write-up on our lovely city of Brighton and Hove, and thought we should share!

Our only problem is that they don’t mention what a great place it is for language schools, English courses and of course the home of LTC!


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Visit to Czech Republic

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One of our directors, Paul Clark, will be visiting Prague to meet agents from 25 to 27 March, along with Veronika Vaculikova, the LTC London enrolment officer.  If you would like to meet them during their trip, please contact [email protected]

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5 best places to teach English around the world

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Teaching English as a foreign language opens up many doors to travel, live and work around the globe. The fact that you’re teaching people skills for life means that it’s also one of the most rewarding jobs out there.

However, there’s one major drawback: where in the world should you teach? There are so many fantastic places you can choose to go to teach English as an additional language, but here are five of the best.

1. Mexico


Image source

The delicious food, the friendly people, the incredible monuments and crowded cities, life in Mexico is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Although it can be difficult to find a job before you arrive in the country, once you are there you’re likely to come across plenty of teaching work.  However, you should be prepared for at least a few weeks of searching – all the more time for tacos.


2. Italy


Italy is one of the most popular choices when it comes to teaching abroad. And what’s not to love about a country that has given us so much art, culture and history.

Whether you’re in Rome, Florence or Milan, soaking up city splendours, or in a more remote countryside location, Italy is always a good shout. Oh, and they can cook a mean pizza.

Teaching contracts in Italy can be organised in advance of your trip.

3. South Korea



Image source

South Korea is a fascinating country with its unique mixture of eastern culture and modern cities. You’ll discover everything from mountainous Buddhist retreats to large urban sprawls.

Teachers are highly sought after in South Korea and therefore you often get paid a pretty decent wage – on top of accommodation and flights that have been provided by the school.

It’s commonplace for contracts to be around 12 months in length.


4. Saudi Arabia


If you’re looking for some serious money and want to forge a proper career out of teaching English as an additional language, the Middle East is the place to be.

Living in Saudi Arabia is an experience completely alien to that of the West. Prepare for a much more traditional and religious way of life then we’re used to in the UK, in addition to numerous natural wonders, deserts and beautiful, unspoilt beaches.


5. UK


Teaching English as an additional language doesn’t have to mean travelling to the other side of the world. It’s certainly worth travelling abroad to work but living abroad is not for everybody, and at some point you might want to settle down and stay in the UK.

There is plenty of teaching work in the UK, especially in the summer months. Popular cities to teach English in include London, Oxford, Cambridge and Brighton.

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