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Eastbourne, which lies on England’s sunny south coast, is a beautiful seaside town. With more than four million visitors every year, it has attractive beaches and is near some of the most beautiful countryside in England.

Eastbourne is a fast changing town with a growing population as people learn about the quality of life in this elegant seaside town. It is the ideal size: big enough to have all the facilities you want, small enough to be friendly, secure and easy to get around.

Eastbourne is known for the beauty of the town and its surrounding countryside. Because it is sheltered by the South Downs hills, it is probably the sunniest town in mainland Britain.

The town has a busy calendar of events every year. It hosts the world class AEGON International Tennis Tournament, a town festival, an extreme sports festival, one of Britain’s biggest free airshows  and a very enjoyable beer festival in the autumn. Eastbourne also has an award winning art gallery and five theatres, which have West-End plays, musicals and concerts all year round.

If you like shopping, you’ll find high street shops at the Arndale shopping centre and small, quaint streets with designer clothes and antique shops nearby.  All this is within walking distance of LTC.

The beach and the historic pier are popular places. Eastbourne has traditional pubs, international restaurants, cinemas, clubs and a vibrant music scene. Also worth visiting is the bustling marina with its shops, restaurants and hundreds of yachts.

Eastbourne is famous for its sports; it has grass tennis courts, two golf courses (one next to the school), swimming pools, windsurfing facilities and many other activities.

For magnificent countryside, take the bus to just outside the town and walk on the South Downs hills or visit the Seven Sisters and Beachy Head beauty spots.

Eastbourne is in a superb location. It is just 90 minutes from the very heart of London by train, two hours from Heathrow and just one hour from Gatwick Airport. The famous seaside resort of Brighton is 40 minutes away and the historic town of Hastings only 30 minutes.

Did you know?

The composer Debussy left his wife and brought his mistress to Eastbourne, where he completed ‘La Mer’.

Eastbourne is often used as a film and TV location; scenes from Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire, James Bond: The Living Daylights, Pearl Harbour and many more have been filmed here.

George Orwell first got the idea for his novel ‘Animal Farm’ when he watched a small boy leading a horse just outside Eastbourne.

Dover once used promotional pictures of the Eastbourne Beachy Head cliffs  instead of the White Cliffs of Dover. Perhaps this was because Beachy Head is higher and more spectacular.

In Thailand, there is a chain of photography shops called Eastbourne. The owner chose name after he fell in love with the town.

Eastbourne Facts

  • Population 100,000

  • Distance from London 90 minutes by frequent direct trains to the heart of London

  • Distance to Airport Gatwick 1 hour (direct train or road) Heathrow 2 hours by road

  • Seafront Eastbourne’s beach is recommended by the Marine Conservation Society Good Beach Guide


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