Eastbourne Airbourne 2015

In Eastbourne, there is an air show held every year and is an organised event involving the Royal Air Force as well as other military and civilian aircraft. If you study at LTC Eastbourne, you will have a chance to see this wonderful event. You can find more information about Eastbourne Airbourne on their website. To get you into the mood of Airbourne, there is a video to keep you occupied.


Vocabulary About Flying

There are some more vocabulary related to flying and what better way to study English than learning phrases which people say when speaking. Below there are some phrases used during conversations which you could use when speaking English.

1. Get off to a flying start

If you ‘get off to a flying start‘, something or someone began an activity successfully.

Example:Maria started her new job last week and has got off to a flying start! She has already had a pay rise!

2. When pigs fly/Pigs might fly

When someone says ‘when pigs fly‘ or ‘pigs might fly‘, they mean that they think something is unlikely to happen and it is a funny expression as pigs will never fly.


Jason – “My football team are going to win the Championships this year!

Mark – “Yeah right! Pigs might fly! That team is the worst in the world!

3. To pass with flying colours

If you take a test and you pass with really good marks, you ‘pass with flying colours‘. It is a very good idiom to use during conversation and try using it with your English speaking friends.

Tracy – “I passed my driving test with flying colours! Passed first time!

Emma – “Congratulations! You can now drive me to school.

4. On the fly

If you do an action ‘on the fly‘, you are doing this activity without any preparation or previous planning.

Simon – “I had a 30 minute presentation to give last night but was told 10 minutes beforehand that it was being shortened to 5 minutes. I had to shorten it on the fly!”

5. Time flies

If ‘time flies‘, ‘time flew‘ or ‘it flew by‘, you did an activity which made time seem short and passed quickly. You can use the expressions to suggest that you like something as it made time appear shorter. These short phrases are from the full phrase ‘Time flies when you’re having fun.

Jenny – “I really enjoyed our maths class last week. I didn’t expect the time to fly by so quick.

Well that is all for today’s post. Do you happen to know any language related to flying or aircrafts? You really should come to LTC Eastbourne to study as the lessons are enjoyable with time flying by during your lessons. You will also have a chance to experience Eastbourne Airbourne.

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