Friends for life

We were recently contacted by Agathe, an ex-LTC Eastbourne student. Agathe, seventeen from Paris, attended our summer school in both 2015 and 2017. We’re delighted to share Agathe’s story, about how LTC Eastbourne has enabled her to meet friends for life. Here’s what she had to say…

‘Hi, I just wanted to tell you thank you for everything. I’ve been to LTC Eastbourne twice in my life (2015 and 2017) and my brother was there two weeks ago. The two summers I spent at LTC Eastbourne were really the best experiences of my life and I had the time of my life there. You’ve always made me feel home and now I consider LTC Eastbourne as my second home. I still keep in touch with the friends I’ve met there, please see some pictures I’ve taken with them post LTC Eastbourne. Again, thank you so much for everything.’

‘This is Arya, we met at LTC Eastbourne in the summer of 2015. We met up again a few days ago in Turkey.’

‘This is Duru and Aras, and Zeynep, I met all at LTC, and we recently met in Turkey also. I’ve traveled from France to Turkey to see all of them and I stayed at Duru’s, that would have never happened without LTC, so thank you.’

Me and Duru, who I stayed with in Turkey.’

‘In October 2017, Ludovica from Italy came to visit me in Paris.’

‘In February 2018, I met Matilda who was my friend from LTC Eastbourne. Matilda came from Germany to my house for a few days, I was her tour guide in Paris.’

Here at LTC Eastbourne we love that our Young Learner Summer School enables students to socialise with peers from around the world whilst improving their English. We’re thrilled to see friendships blossoming post LTC Eastbourne.

Our 2019 Summer School will run from Sunday 9th June to Sunday 18th August, for more information please take a look at our Summer School page HERE or contact us via email

If you’re an ex-LTC Eastbourne student and would like to share a story with our marketing team, then please contact us via email or send us a message via Facebook

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