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How Can You Improve Your English Communication?

How Can You Improve Your English Communication?

English! Its one of the most desired languages to communicate with in the whole world. But, how can you improve your English communication so that you can converse in the language?

If you’ve always wanted to know how to improve your English communication, then you have come to the right article. There are lots of different tips and techniques out there that will give you the upper hand when it comes to your English communication. But what really is the best way to improve your English communication skills?

Perfect English communication involves many small, and often nonsensical, rules that you need to remember in order to communicate in English perfectly. The English language is at best confusing, and developing a perfect understanding of the language along with effortless communication takes time and effort!

Discover more about how you can improve your English communication below…

What Makes Good English Communication?

There are lots of different factors that make someone good at communicating in English, and the question of “what makes good English communication” is a rather subjective one. For example, you can be really good at English speaking but if you’re lacking when it comes to your grammar, then perhaps your communication skills won’t be as well regarded as somebody with perfect grammar and perfect speaking.

One of the ways that you can improve your English communication is through real life experience! Undoubtably the best way to get better at English communication is by talking to native speakers or those who speak the language often. By speaking with native speakers and those who can communicate in the language well, you will be able to develop real-life English communication experience in a meaningful way. Native speakers will also be able to correct you if you say or pronounce something wrong and assist you in any way they can. If you really want to improve on your English speaking and communication, then get that real-life experience!

Real life experience is just one aspect of developing your English communication skills. Good English grammar, writing, and reading skills will also all play a part in developing good English communication. You can communicate with others in so many forms that its not just your verbal English which will help to make you a better communicator. You will also need to consider your writing skills, when communicating in English via text, email, or social media, as well as your reading skills, for the purpose of comprehension.

There is a lot of information to learn when you first start communicating in English, but the more you get yourself out there gaining valuable experience, the more you’ll get used to the quirks and traits of the English language. The more you write the better your grammar will be. The more you read the better your comprehension will be. And the more you speak the language the easier it will become.

If you don’t have any experience in communicating in English, then its probably best if you learn the basics before you go start trying to converse with the locals. There are a bunch of methods that can help you learn before you jump into English conversation.

How To Improve Your English Speaking?

There are lots of different techniques that will help you to improve your understanding of English as well as your English-speaking skills. Learning English speaking is one of the main ways to improve on your English communication, as most of the time you will be communicating verbally.

In order to improve your English-speaking skills, you will want to regularly practise! Whether that be with a friend, teacher, or perhaps a family member. Practise makes perfect and that couldn’t be any more true when it comes to perfecting your English speaking. Another fantastic way of improving your English speaking, ultimately helping you to hold an English conversation, is by thinking in English and speaking to yourself in the language. Use a mirror if you have to. By thinking to yourself in English you are on your way to perfect English communication, although the pronunciation may not be perfect yet.

One of the most important tips to ensure your success is don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If you are always afraid of making a mistake, then you need to change that perspective. Making mistakes is part of being human, and when it comes to speaking in another language that’s no exception.

Another tip when learning English is to immerse yourself in an English-speaking environment. By doing this you are increasing the amount of time spent absorbing the English Language. The more time you spend around it the better you will be when it comes to talking to others. One way that you can immerse yourself in English is by listening to English music or watching an English film. Repetition is vital when it comes to language studies, and the repetitiveness of a song or music is the perfect way of engraining your new language skills, as well as helping with your pronunciation too.

Checkout our blog post, How Music Can Help You To Learn English, to discover more about the benefit music can have on your English studies.

How To Improve Your English Writing Skills?

English writing is an essential part of English communication and can sometimes be difficult at times. There are lots of rules to learning English that makes it difficult to write, making it easy enough to slip up at any given time. Writing in English can be useful for emails, messaging other people and typing essays out, so making sure that you can fluently write in English is just as important as making sure you can communicate verbally.

One way that you can improve your writing skills is by reading English books. By reading in English you are able to see how other people write in English. This can also be good because if you don’t understand a certain word or phrase you can search it up on the internet or in a dictionary, so you can get a definition for it. Take notes so that you remember these words, and their spellings, for future use.  Reading in English will help you master English spelling! Sometimes the word isn’t spelt exactly how it sounds so you’ll need to learn and remember the individual spelling of lots of words.

Just start writing! I know it can be hard sometimes to get the confidence and motivation to start but practise makes perfect. The more you try the more you will succeed and will gradually see your self improving. Learning English won’t happen overnight so taking some time out of your day to write out a couple of paragraphs can go a long way.

How To Improve Your English Grammar?

Grammar isn’t as important as speaking and writing in terms of English communication, but its sure to be a factor that can cause miscommunication. Having the write grammar in your writing can help people to differentiate one sentence from another. Even though some sentences may look the same, a simple comma or full stop can change the way the reader interoperates what you are trying to communicate.

One thing that you can do is keep a grammar book at your disposal. The grammar book can be useful. Whenever you need help or are struggling with your English grammar then you can always look at this book as a reference. You can also use grammar apps on your smartphone to help you in the same way the book does.

Understand the logic behind some of the English Language’s grammar rules. Some of the rules are only made for certain scenarios for example: there and their, they sound the same but have two completely different meanings, so make sure to learn why.

How To Improve Your Spoken English At Home?

One way that you can improve your spoken English at home is by making sure one of your family members or friends have some basic understanding of the English language. If someone you know understands the English language then you can have English conversations and practise on a day to day basis.

Another way that you can better your English speaking at home, as already mentioned above, is by speaking to yourself or thinking to yourself in English. By speaking to yourself in English, you will get a grasp of what how to say things, although your pronunciation may not be perfect just yet.

Tell your family and friends about your English learning goals and how you are going to go about completing them. They will be able to assist you and will understand what they need to do in order for you to achieve your goal.

English Communication Courses

There are lots of different English communication courses that various English schools across the world can provide. One of the organisations who deal with the certification of English course in the UK is the British Council. They create opportunities for young people in the UK and also make sure that English Schools are doing exactly what they should. So look for an English School who are accredited by the British Council.

When choosing an English course, it is important to make sure that it is the right choice for you. Make sure that the course covers English communication skills but also make sure that it is in a location you are happy with, as well as having the facilities you require. English UK offer a directory of English schools, enabling you to browse all of the best UK English schools at once, helping you to make the right decision.

If you would like to find out some more information about how you can improve your English communication skills, then get in touch with LTC today. LTC English are a leading English language course provider in Eastbourne, offering a wide range of English Courses to suit various age groups and ability levels. English conversation can be a difficult skill to master but we can help you each step of the way. Our teachers are trained to help you get better at English speaking and learning English in general. To get in touch, you can email us at, call us on 01323 727755, or use our Contact Form. Discover more about how to improve your English communication skills today…


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