How Music Can Help You To Learn English

How Music Can Help You To Learn English | LTC

Learning a new language is tough, no matter who you are and how much experience you have, but there are solutions out there to help you through the process. When it comes to learning a new language, music can be a fantastic aid. Not only can music help you to remember English words and phrases, but it can also promote a more positive and enjoyable attitude towards learning English.

When it comes to learning English, there is one rule that applies to everyone who is studying… that’s to have fun. If learning is fun it will be more effective – and that’s true when learning anything new, not just a language. This is where music comes in! Music can help to promote a more positive attitude to learning, which in turn can help you to perfect your English Skills in no time at all.

Research shows that music can have a positive effect on cognitive test performances. Out of a test of 30 undergraduates it was found that more questions were completed and more answers were correct when completing a cognitive test listening to music, as opposed to completing the test in silence.

Not only does music promote a positive attitude towards learning, but it can also help you to remember English words and phrases through repetition. Songs and music will very often contain a lot of useful vocabulary, phrases and expressions, and what’s more, many of the words and sound patterns within a song are repeated, which makes it very easy for them to stick in your mind. Tunes and lyrics will often get stuck in your mind even without realising it, something which is known as an earworm.

Repetition is extremely important when it comes to learning a new language. It’s important that the terms and phrases you learn are ingrained in your memory and that anything new you learn is not going to just be forgotten. That’s why music makes for an excellent aid when learning a new language.

Another benefit of Learning English through music and songs is that you can often learn slang which you won’t find in a textbook or study guide. Many terms originating from popular music have worked their way into the English dictionary, for example the words YOLO, an abbreviation of the phrase “You only live once”, Bling, a word used to describe extravagant jewellery, and Diss (or dis), a term which means a failure to show respect.

Some of the best music artists to aid you in your English Studies include: The Beatles, thanks to their catchy melodies and simple lyrics, Ed Sheeran, thanks to his relatable tracks, and One Direction, again thanks to their simple lyrics and relatable stories.

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