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How To Choose An English Language School

So, you have decided to become a student of the English language, that’s wonderful news! English is one of the most frequently used languages around the world, being able to read, write, and speak in English are great skills to learn and carry out in your life. There are many English courses available across different schools and colleges.

Learning English is no easy task but once you get started and grasp some of the nuances and rules, you will be well on your way to understanding the language. Saying this, learning English to a high level does require time, effort, and commitment; therefore, you want to make sure you are learning the language in the right place and at the best English language school for you.

Selecting the best English language school for you will take some thought. There are lots of factors that can affect your choice for which English school you will apply to and hopefully attend. These factors include but are not limited to: the international status of the school, the tuition, and accommodation. Find out more about choosing a course and where to study below.

Which English Language School Is Best For You?

Much of choosing the right English language school is reflecting on what you are like, how you feel, the level of English you know, and what you are aiming to do with your qualification. It can be tricky to really know which is the best English language school for you as an individual, there is a lot to think about but we have put together this blog post to help out.

Make sure the school has you interested and committed:

While searching for your final choice of an English school, you will come across a vast amount of options that may have you intrigued. These schools will have a lot to offer in terms of their facilities, the tuition, the history of the school, and what there is to do aside from the learning you will be undertaking. What you see will definitely have you interested and may tick the right boxes for you; however, it must be taken into consideration that you will be spending an extended period of time at the school of your choice. Ensure that this school will really have you motivated to learn, be fit to your needs, and provide you with an enjoyable experience; through this you will get the most out of your English course.

Assess which level of English you are at:

There is not one singular English course that will work for all students, some courses will be too low level and not beneficial to your learning, whilst others will be too advanced for you at this stage. Of course, having no knowledge of English or only understanding basic words/phrases is completely fine, we all have to start somewhere! Equally, having a strong grasp of English is acceptable at most English language schools. When looking for an English school, it is important to note how much you know about the language and what course you should pick; most schools offer intermediate levels but there are many that will not have beginner levels. On the other hand, there are schools specifically for those that are only just starting their journey in learning English. Check that the English language school that you choose offers the correct course matched to your level of the English language.

Decide what you want to achieve through English:

Ask yourself why you are studying English, what you hope to get out of it, and where you want it to take you in future. English speaking universities will require a certain level of comprehension of the language for your application to be accepted, think about this when choosing an English language school so that you can guarantee the school is going to educate you enough for success. If you are looking to use English conversationally then a more casual school may be better suited to you, with more of a focus on how to use English day to day. The potential that learning English can provide in your future career prospects is excellent, having the ability to speak more than one language can give you an advantage over others and open new career paths for you to take. Hold all of this in mind when you are making your final decision on where to study.

Which English Language School Is The Best Value For Money?

Something that is massively important when choosing the English school for you, is the fees of the school. How you are funding your study and any budget you may have can affect your options and influence the final decision you make. No matter what your budget is, it can be agreed that finding an English language school with plenty of facilities and the best teaching for the price you are paying is a primary goal. Compare many schools and the cost of studying there, and focus in on what facilities and services are on offer from each school; for what you are paying are they adequate and the best you can get? Also look at the course details to see what you will be doing and what you are paying for. If the course goes into a lot of depth, has a good class size so that you can get personal help, and has quality material provided by the school, then it is most likely that this is the best English language school to choose, especially in terms of value for money; you want to get the most out your time and money that you put in to study.

Where Is The Best Place To Study An English Course?

Not only will you be studying English, you will also be living where your school is based. This is a very important factor when it comes to your choice of English school, the last thing you want is to dislike the location where you are studying and living. There are many international English language schools, it can be daunting to try and choose a place where you will spend an extended period of time, especially when moving away from home. However, it is also an exciting prospect filled with opportunity and discovery. Maybe you want to stay close to home or go for the opposite and study at an English School that is in a new place far away. With this comes a chance to experience a new culture, way of life, and the possibility to meet a diverse array of people. So where is the best place to study an English Course? The answer to that will vary on who you ask, below we have explained the most common places that people go to study and why.

Many people studying an English language course choose to study in primarily English-speaking countries, such as the UK, Australia, the USA and Canada. What the students that choose these places get can be very beneficial to their studies and most often rewarding because they can see their work and progress in action, getting an oppututnity to use their new English-languiage skills in authentic and real-life experiences. Pros about studying at an English language school in such locations are: being ‘thrown in at the deep end’ essentially motivating you more to learn the language as it will be necessary to get by, being able to practice your English frequently, hearing how the language is spoken by its native speakers, and getting connections in the country. Other great things about living in these places are: experiencing a new culture and way of life, getting to explore the country, and finding fellow students from around the world. It is likely that you will find the best English language schools in the UK, this is not to say that other countries’ schools are bad but let’s face it, the UK definitely have a bit of an advantage.

So, How Can You Choose The Best English School?

As you can tell, there is a lot to take in and think about when it comes to choosing the best English school for you. Use this article as a guide to get you started on what to look for in a school, ask for advice from anyone else you know that has attended an English language school and what their experience was like. Always check that the school you are choosing will allow you to reach your full potential, find the school with fees that are good value for money, and importantly, decide on a school and a location that you will revel in.


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