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In today’s world it seems as though everybody is trying to move faster and always in a rush.

Everything needs to be done faster, whether that be communicating, travelling, or even learning. However, sometimes, there are things which just take time, and learning English is the perfect example of this. You have to learn, practise, and remember your new language skills. But, what about when you’re asking, “How to Learn English Fast?” and want to learn English as quickly and as easily as possible? Well, it may be easier than you think with the right advice!

Learning English is hard enough already, our pervious blog post, Why The English Language Is So Hard, explores this in detail, but what about when you are constrained by time and need to Learn English Fast? How can you learn the English language fast and easily? Well, our below blog post explores exactly How to Learn English Quickly…

How To Learn English Quickly

Learning the English language is no walk in the park! The language is filled with broken rules, illogical nouns, and complex figurative language, so learning English is certainly hard enough already! Add to that the pressure of time, and well, it can all seem impossible. But, there are some things you can remember for when looking to learn English quickly.

Some of the key things to bear in mind when looking to learn English fast and easily are to practise as much as you can, learn from various sources, including film, music and the internet, and don’t lose focus, remember why you’re learning English and the motivation behind this.

Below we have gone into a bit more detail with some tips to learn English quickly and easily.

Tips To Learn English Quickly:

The key to learning English quickly is practise, practise, and more practise. There is no short way of going about it, practise and repetition are key when it comes to learning any language, particularly if you are looking to learn it fast. You are not going to get anywhere by simply searching “How To Learn English Fast and Easily”. By practising every day, you will ingrain vocabulary in your memory, get a good idea of how sentences are structured, and also develop a good understanding of how to pronounce certain words and phrases.

Practise and repetition are definitely the key to learning English, but we have also listed some additional tips to learn English quickly below:

Remember Your Motivation – When looking to learn the English language quickly, it is good to bear in mind the motivation behind your goal. Why are you learning the English language? And why do you need to learn quickly? Is it for study or business purposes? Or would you simply like to get by while you’re in England?By remembering your motivation, you can make sure to only focus on the specific areas you need particular help with. Your motivation will also act as an incentive to keep learning and develop your English skills as fast as possible.

Keep A Language Journal –  Keeping a Language Journal can be an incredibly useful way to remember new vocabulary you have learned as well as reinforcing spellings, sentence structures, and ultimately helping you to learn English more quickly.By writing a log of new vocabulary you’ve learnt, new sayings you’ve discovered, and the correct spelling of words, you will not only have a physical reference to refer to when you are stuck. But by writing things down you are able to more effectively memorise them. In fact, A study has identified the positive effects of writing on learning foreign language words.

Learn From Technology – Technology can be another fantastic aid when researching how to learn English quickly and easily. The internet is so easily accessible in this day and age, and with hundreds of thousands of resources available online to assist with your language studies, it is by far the greatest tool there is when looking to learn English fast and easily.The internet isn’t the only technology which can help you to learn the English Language fast! Mobiles and tablets present a modern alternative to a notepad and are just as appropriate for a language journal! Technologies such as Skype or FaceTime enable you to practise your English Skills with friends, colleagues, and tutors all over the world. And the accessibility of books and writing via e-readers and similar devices means that books which you might have once had to order and wait a long time for, are now available instantly with the click of a few buttons.

Learn From Films and Music – Film and music can be a fantastic tool when looking up how to learn English fast and easily! The majority of popular music these days is in English, and of course, almost all Hollywood films are originally shot in English.Music can help you to learn English more easily for a number of reasons. Firstly, music can help to promote a more positive attitude towards learning English, which in turn can have major benefits. The repetition of music and songs is also beneficial and can help a lot when it comes to memorising vocabulary and popular phrases. Another benefit of music is that you can often learn popular slang you won’t find in a textbook, this will help you to communicate more effortlessly with younger English speakers.

Just take a look at our How Music Can Help You To Learn English blog post to discover more about the benefits music can have on your language studies.

Films also make for an excellent language learning tool. Films can help expose you to new cultures, can help you to learn the correct usage of certain words and phrases, and also give you an opportunity to perfect your speaking and pronunciation. Not only this, but films can offer a fun twist to your typical classroom activities, which in turn can promote a positive attitude.

Be Realistic – It is important to be realistic while trying to learn English quickly. You shouldn’t expect to develop fluency overnight, as when you realise that you are not able to communicate effortlessly the next morning, well it can be rather demoralising. Instead of focussing on your dreams you should be focussing on your goals! Choose a realistic goal and try to achieve it within a certain time frame. For example, develop the language skills required for a certain job role before the closing date for applications, or developing a basic level of fluency before your summer holiday to the UK. By remaining realistic there will be less disappointment, which can be damaging when trying to learn anything new.

If you already have the basics in place and would like to develop your fluency, then why not checkout our 6 Ways To Develop Your English Fluency Blog Post.

So, How Can You Really Learn English Fast and Easily?

In order to learn English fast and easily you need to practise as much as possible! If you are asking the question “How To Learn English Quickly?” then practise is essential and is probably the most important aspect! Learning from various different sources such as Film, Music, Television, and the internet can also be a big help, and it is also vital to remember your motivation behind your language studies – without an end goal you don’t have anything to work towards.

By following our above tips to learn English quickly you’ll no longer need to ask the question “How can you really learn English fast and easily?” – you’ll have the required knowledge and tips to help you learn the English language effortlessly and as quickly as possible.

If you would like to find out some more information about how to learn English fast and easily, or if you are looking to go even further and develop your fluency, then why not consider an English Course in Eastbourne with LTC. LTC are a leading English Language School based on the south coast of England, providing English lessons that are designed to increase knowledge, fluency, understanding and ability, and ultimately helping you to learn English as quickly and as easily as possible…

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