How We Celebrate Easter In The UK

In the UK, we celebrate Easter during Spring. It is a joyful time where people celebrate the rebirth of Jesus. It is quite interesting as Easter is a different day each year. This year Easter is between 25th and 28th March 2016 and most people have a holiday during this time. At Easter, Christians go to Church and sing religious songs called ‘hymns’. It is also a time where people share chocolate eggs – called ‘Easter eggs’ – and give them to children. In this post we look at UK traditions associated with Easter.

1. Hot cross bun


A hot cross bun is a piece of spiced bun which contains raisins and has a cross on the top of it. It is traditionally eaten during Easter. Some English people toast it and then spread butter on it. It is very tasty and sweet. You can buy these at most supermarkets in the UK throughout the year, so why not try it?

2. Easter Eggs and The Easter Bunny

Easter eggs are a popular item during Easter, especially for children. These are chocolate eggs that are often given out and eaten. Some children in the UK believe that the Easter Bunny brings along chocolate eggs for them. A ‘Bunny’ is another name for a cute and small rabbit.  There is usually a game where children hunt for these chocolate eggs in their garden and put them in a small bag for them to eat later – this is called the Easter Egg Hunt!

3. Easter Flowers


During Easter in the UK, some people buy very colourful flowers to decorate their home. These flowers are considered ‘Easter flowers’. Also, lots of Churches around the UK hold flower festivals where they displays lots of Spring flowers. So buy some colourful flowers and celebrate Easter as well.

4. Painting Eggs


The decorating of coloured eggs is also a very popular activity during Easter. Usually chicken eggs are hard boiled and dyed or painted. These are often used in Easter egg hunts along with chocolate Easter eggs. The eggs come out looking fantastic and magical and add a sense of fun to this springtime holiday.

5. Good Friday

Westminster Abbey, London 2014, PICTURE SHOWS :- Westminster Abbey

This is the Friday before Easter Sunday in which Jesus Christ is remembered in Christian Churches in the UK. It is traditionally a day of fasting (not eating any food). If you are studying at LTC, you could also visit a Church Service on Good Friday as well.

Easter is a big celebration in the UK and is very much part of UK culture with children being given lots of Easter eggs, hunting for any treats (sweets) left by the Easter bunny and attending church services on the Easter weekend. You will have a chance to buy some Easter eggs in various supermarkets and shops if you are studying with us at LTC. What celebrations do you have in your country? Do you celebrate them with the giving of chocolate? Have a wonderful Easter.

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