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    LSI has been been providing language training since 1965 and now has fourteen schools around the world. LSI Brighton is fully accredited by the British Council. To book courses at LSI Brighton or to find out more information, please visit the LSI website:


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    LTC Eastbourne is now operating as an independent English language school. To contact LTC Eastbourne, please click on the link below.

















    Join the community of homestay providers in Hove, Portslade and Hangleton

    Hosting international students can be a rewarding experience both culturally and financially.

    There are many advantages to hosting students:
    • Opportunity to increase your understanding of different cultures
    • Additional company in your home
    • Chance for children to live with an international student
    • Make lasting friendships
    • Earn additional income from hosting students – Please read Host Families and Income Tax

    Our students require half-board accommodation which includes breakfast and an evening meal every day.
    Occasionally we receive requests for bed and breakfast only.

    You can host adult students (16+) throughout the year, from 15+ during the summer and young learners (13-17) outside the summer.

    To become a homestay provider, you should:
    • Live within a 25-minute walk of LTC Brighton
    • Encourage the student to feel at home and to treat him/her as a member of the family rather than a paying guest
    • Provide a bedroom with adequate lighting, curtains or blinds, a bed, storage space and a desk, where possible.
    • Allow access to communal areas of the house
    • Give the student a front door key
    • Provide breakfast and dinner every day
    • Provide clean linen
    • Wash student’s laundry once a week
    • Hold a DBS check (for students under 18)
    • Provide a yearly Gas Certificate
    • Provide a yearly Fire Risk Assessment
    Support from LTC Brighton
    What makes a good host for international students?
    Who can host students?
    When can I host students?
    If you are interested in hosting students:

    1.) Please complete our Homestay Provider Application Pack
    2.) Return it to LTC Brighton via or post
    3.) Beverley or Rosan will contact you to organise a visit to your home
    4.) We will ask you to sign an agreement with us
    5.) We will contact you to place students with you, when possible

    When we visit you we will explain more about hosting students, what to expect from the school and students.

    Please contact us for our current competitive rates of pay.

    Please see all sections of the price pages to calculate the fees for your course.