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    South coast student city ‘London by the Sea’

    Brighton & Hove is the UK’s most famous and cosmopolitan seaside holiday resort and one of the UK’s most popular cities for international students.

    The city is famous for its Royal Palace, called the Royal Pavilion, and its two piers. It hosts the Brighton Festival every May, which is England’s largest Arts festival. A major tourist destination for British and international visitors, it is a great place to be not just during the summer but throughout the year.

    Brighton is also one of the UK’s most popular destinations for international students. It has two universities and there are over 35,000 students in the city. This makes the population one of the youngest in the UK so there are many services, shops and restaurants available for students.

    With a population of 250,000 Brighton and Hove is also the perfect size – large enough to have all the facilities and services you need, but small enough to get to know quickly if you are staying for a short time.

    Our city has two names because many years ago Brighton and Hove were two separate places, but they have grown to become one. Brighton is the eastern part, and Hove is the western part.

    Brighton was just a fishing village until 1787 when Prince George, then Prince of Wales, decided to build a spectacular palace by the sea. The Brighton Pavilion was built over the next 20 years and remains one of the UK’s most famous and distinctive buildings.

    Brighton then became home to many noble and rich families for the summer months and you will find Brighton mentioned in Jane Austen’s novels.

    Brighton has also featured in many other books and films, including Graham Greene’s novel Brighton Rock and the classic ‘mod’ film Quadrophenia.

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