Brighton’s History


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    LSI has been been providing language training since 1965 and now has fourteen schools around the world. LSI Brighton is fully accredited by the British Council. To book courses at LSI Brighton or to find out more information, please visit the LSI website:

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    LTC Eastbourne is now operating as an independent English language school. To contact LTC Eastbourne, please click on the link below.














    300 years of history

    Brighton is full of history to explore, and over the past 300 years has become one of the UK’s most interesting and dynamic small cities.

    Brighton’s modern history began in the mid 1700′s when it gradually changed from a simple fishing village into a newly-established health resort.Its new status was confirmed in 1783 when the Prince Regent came to the town to ‘take the waters’.The Prince, who became King George IV, chose to spend much of his time in the town and built the world-famous Royal Pavilion palace over the next 20 years.

    This made Brighton very fashionable and the town developed its distinctive architectural style over the next decades.

    Brighton became one of England’s most popular seaside resorts and remains so today.In 1841 the railway arrived in the town bringing tourists from London.

    Brighton continued to develop as a tourist destination, with grand hotels, restaurants and shops. The city’s two piers were built in the late 1800′s

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