Summer Exam Preparation


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    LSI has been been providing language training since 1965 and now has fourteen schools around the world. LSI Brighton is fully accredited by the British Council. To book courses at LSI Brighton or to find out more information, please visit the LSI website:

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    28 lessons / 21 hours of study per week


    20 lessons / 15 hours of study per week

    For students who want a serious exam preparation course over the summer.

    This course will run from 8th June until 4th September 2015.

    We have a very experienced team of exam teachers, several of whom who are also Cambridge and IELTS examiners.

    Course Structure

    Morning Classes

    09:15-12:45 Monday to Friday.

    These classes prepare you for IELTS, Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) or Cambridge Advanced (CAE), focusing on exam techniques that are the same in these different exams.

    The lessons are based on a modern exam coursebook, though your teacher will also bring in extra materials to make sure the course meets your specific needs.
    We lend you the coursebook with no extra fees, though you may be asked to buy a workbook for approx. £20.

    If you need practice that focuses on one particular exam, we recommend that you take the 28-lesson programme.

    Afternoon Classes

    13:45-15:15 Monday to Thursday (28-lesson programme only).

    These classes focus on the skills and strategies needed for your chosen exam. For example, if you are preparing to take IELTS, your afternoon lessons will only focus on IELTS.


    You will have regular homework and can use our library and language laboratory in your free time.

    Course Objectives
    Levels and Progress

    Booking an Exam

    You can take the IELTS exam, FCE or CAE in Brighton. See our Exams page for information about examination dates and fees.

    Certificates and Reports

    At the end of your course we will give you a certificate and a report (provided you have attended at least 80% of your lessons).

    Care of Students Under the Age of 18

    Our Summer Exam Preparation courses are for adult students. However, if you are age 16 or 17, we can offer you a place and have special arrangements for your welfare.

    We have staff who are trained to support you. They will get to know you individually and will help you if you have a problem or a question.

    View details of the level of care we give to students under 18

    Public Holidays

    Please note that there are no classes on public holidays.  See our Prices page for details.


    Please see all sections of the price pages to calculate the fees for your course.