Accommodation in Eastbourne

Feel at home in England

At LTC we recognise that having good accommodation is one of the most important parts of your UK language learning experience.

Adult StudentsThe great majority of our adult students stay in homestay accommodation.You will have a single room and have breakfast and dinner with your homestay provider.

If there are other students in the house, they will not speak the same language as you, so you have to speak English every day. This is the best way to immerse yourself in an English-speaking environment and learn about British culture.

Almost all our homestay providers are within walking distance of LTC, about 10-35 minutes’ walk.

In very busy periods like the summer, we may use some homestay providers which are further away.

Please note: under British Council regulations, homestay providers can have a maximum of four students.  We have a small number of homestay providers which take more than four students.  These homestay providers are classed as PRIVATE HOME ACCOMMODATION.

In busy periods, some adult students may be placed in Private Home Accommodation. Please tell us if you do not wish to stay in Private Home Accommodation.

If you are age 18+, we can also offer self-catering student houses in July and August. Here, four or five students live together in a house. You would have a single room and share the kitchen and bathroom with your housemates.

Or you may prefer to find your accommodation yourself, perhaps in a hotel, guest house or holiday apartment. Some students who study here for a long time find an apartment after they arrive. LTC can give you help and advice if you wish to do this.


Young Learners

LTC Eastbourne has residential dormitory accommodation for young learners age 10-16 above the school. Most bedrooms have four, five or six students. Two large rooms can take up to 12.

If you are 13+, you can choose shared homestay, which gives you more independence. You will share their bedroom with one other student and will have breakfast and dinner with your homestay provider.

This is an excellent way to immerse yourself in an English-speaking environment and learn about British culture.

If you are aged 17, we recommend homestay accommodation, which gives you more independence than residential accommodation.


  • Homestay/Private Home Accommodation Within 35 minutes' walking distance or a very short bus ride of the school

  • Student Residence Available from June-August for individual young learners or year-round for groups

  • Hotels and Guest Houses Available year round

  • Self-Catering Student Houses July and August only (age 18+)

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