Homestay FAQ

This page has questions and answers about the homestay and private home accommodation arranged by LTC Eastbourne.

Please contact us if you have any more questions.

How do you choose your homestay providers?

  1. All new homestay providers are asked to complete a comprehensive questionnaire so we know all about them.
  2. The accommodation officer then visits them, inspects their home, talks to all the family members (if possible) and guides them through the necessary rules and regulations. If they are suitable, we will give them a trial.
  3. A homestay provider will not be used if feedback is consistently poor or they break guidelines.

Can I change my homestay?

  1. The school will change your homestay accommodation immediately if there is a serious problem or the homestay provider does not follow English UK code of practice.
  2. If there is a small problem, we will try to help you and the homestay provider resolve it.
  3. However, if you are not happy (but there is no strong reason) you can move if you give one week’s notice and we have other homestay providers available to take you.
  4. However, if you do not give one week’s notice, you must pay one week’s money to the homestay provider (via the school).

What can I do if I’m unhappy with my homestay?

  1. Go and see the accommodation officer immediately.
  2. Or you can tell your teacher and ask them to speak to the accommodation officer.
  3. During your first week, we give you a questionnaire. You should fill it in and say if you are not happy.

Do I get my homestay money back if I move to a flat from a homestay?

Yes, you will get a 100% refund if you give the required one week’s notice.

Do students have to do their own laundry?

It depends on the homestay provider and the student. Most homestay providers are happy to wash your clothes once a week.

Do students have a single room?

All adult students are placed in a single room unless you ask to share with a friend. Students on Young Learner courses normally share their bedroom with another student.

Can students choose which home to stay in?

No, that would be difficult for us, but we do look at your preferences carefully if you do not like pets, love children or smoke, etc.