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Information for Students, Parents and Group Leaders

This page contains important information. Please download and read the relevant documents below.

Before we tell you more information about pre-departure, let us first explain about some recent school changes. As you will notice, the LTC website has been covered in purple TWIN branding, this is because LTC Eastbourne has recently been bought by the Twin Group. But don’t worry, this is a good change and you can read more about it here.

Please find the right information for you, print it and read it carefully before you come to England. It’s a good idea to take the information with you when you travel.

Also, there are some important documents for you to send to us before you come.

Adult Students (aged 16+)

Things to read:

Things to send to LTC:

Things to carry with you when you travel to England:

Young Learner Students (aged 10-17)

Things to read:

Things to send to Twin Eastbourne:

Things to carry when you travel to England:

Group Leaders

Things to read:

Things to send to Twin Eastbourne:

Personal Safety and Health in the UK

You may wish to read the British Council’s guide to personal safety while you are in the UK.

Read this Information about Health Care in the UK document for your reference.