General English Standard Course

Our General English Standard Course will help students to improve all aspects of their English.

Students can take a short course to brush up their English and increase their confidence and fluency or a longer course to raise the level of their English language.

Our courses are British Council accredited and taught by qualified teachers.

In the General English Standard Course, students will have lots of listening and speaking practice in class and regular homework.

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Course Objectives
We aim to enable students to communicate effectively in English across borders and cultures by:

  • Increasing their confidence and fluency in English, particularly in listening and speaking
  • Improving their level of English through a combination of language input and practice in the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Developing study skills that will enable them to continue to learn English after their course
Levels and Progress

Students will have a test on their first day to place them in a class at the right level.  Our weekly progress tests and monthly tutorials then makes sure students move up to a higher level as soon as they are ready.

The levels are:

•    Elementary (Strong A1-A2) Can communicate with enough language for basic needs and simple situations.
•    Pre-Intermediate (Strong A2) Can communicate with enough language for everyday practical needs.
•    Intermediate (B1) Can communicate effectively in most situations but sometimes has to work hard to communicate effectively.
•    Upper Intermediate (B2) Can communicate effectively in most situations and can usually easily re-phrase in order to be understood.
•    Advanced (C1) Can communicate effectively in all but the most difficult situations.



We lend students a coursebook (they do not have to pay extra).  This will be the basis of your course but your teacher will also bring in extra materials to make sure your course meets your specific needs.

Outside Class

Students will have regular homework to consolidate what they learn in class and they can use our library for self-study.

Social Programmes 

Whilst you study with us we will make sure you have plenty of time to have fun and make friends. We offer varied social programmes throughout the year for adult students which vary each week. We suggest students bring £15 per week to cover activity costs.

Certificates and Reports

At the end of their studies, students will be given a certificate and a report from their teacher, provided they have attended at least 80% of lessons.

Care of Students Under the Age of 18

For those under 18, there will be dedicated staff available to help with any questions or problems that arise. Click here for more information on the support we provide.

Fact File

  • Minimum Age 16

  • Maximum Age There is no maximum

  • Maximum Class Size 12 students

  • Taught Lessons Per Week 20 lessons / 15 hours

  • Course Length 1 week minimum

  • Course Start Date Any Monday (or Tuesday in a week that begins with a public holiday)

  • Course Finish Date Any Friday

  • Non-Teaching Days 2019 (Public Holidays) No classes on 1 January, 19 April, 22 April, 6 May, 27 May, 26 August. We will also close on 20 December 2019 and re-open on Monday 6 January 2020.

  • Levels Elementary to Advanced. Please note we cannot take beginners.