Services at LTC Eastbourne

Our experienced administration and welfare staff will do everything they can to make your stay at the school happy and comfortable.

Airport Transfers

Here at LTC Eastbourne we can arrange taxi transfers for any student. Taxis can take students from the airport to the school or from the airport straight to their accommodation. We can also arrange for a taxi to take students back to the airport when they leave. For all students on Young Learner Summer School programmes we strongly recommend a taxi transfer When young students return home, we can offer a ‘Park and Assist’ service which means our driver can stay with them until they have checked in at the airport (see our Prices page for details of these transfer fees). For those under 16 years old, we will automatically arrange this Park and Assist option.

Care of Students under the Age of 18

For those under 18, we have staff that are dedicated to the welfare of students. They will get to know each student individually and will always be there to help if they have a problem or a question. View details of the level of care we give to students under 18


If you need a doctor or a dentist, we can arrange an appointment for you. We strongly recommend you make sure you have medical insurance before you come. View the insurance we can arrange for you. For your information please also read ‘Information about Health Care in the UK’

Phone Cards

Students who need phone cards can purchase them directly at the school. This can be used to call friends and family.

Social Programme

We have a variety of activities every week for our adult students, from pub evenings and table tennis competitions to salsa dancing, themed parties and walks in the countryside. There is no charge but you may need to pay for bus fares, entrances or drinks in a pub. Most activities cost less than £10.Join us to make friends and practise your English at the same time. See our example for July 2018 here.

You can also book optional tours to see the sights of England, from day trips to London, Oxford and Cambridge to West End Musicals and football matches in the Premiership and the European Champions League. Also weekend trips to Edinburgh, Paris or Amsterdam. Day trips usually cost from £35 to £50 and weekend trips from £150 to £275, and are often organised through Discovery Tours. To see what options are available, visit their website: www.discoverytours.uk.com.

For younger learners we also offer a fun social programme that varies each week and includes activities every day. See our 2019 young learner social programme here.


We can give help and advice with any kind of ticket: planes, trains and buses, a London musical or a weekend in Paris. Our staff have lots of experience in helping students to get what they need.


If you stay long term, you will have a tutorial with your teacher or the Director of Studies every month. This gives you the opportunity to assess your progress and think about your study plans for the next month.


If you need a visa to come to England, we will send you all the documentation about your course that you need. For more information on visa requirements, you can visit this site: http://www.ukvisas.gov.uk.

Work in the UK

Students from Switzerland and European Union countries have the right to work in England. We can give you advice about how to find a job.

Service Fact File

  • Social Programme We offer our adult students at least 3 social activities per week

  • Day trips and excursions We can help you organise day trips and weekend trips around the UK and in Europe

  • Friendly, helpful staff Our staff will be happy to help with everything from airport transfers to finding a dentist and personal problems