Student Comments

About LTC Eastbourne and the town

Here are some of the comments we have received from our students from around the world recently. You can click on the links to see the original feedback!

  • China Flag

    Sunshine, fresh air, good teacher, beautiful school, good food, happy life. This is the best school I’ve ever seen. I hope I can go there again someday

    Cassie - China

  • Czech Republic Flag

    The lesson programme was perfect.
    I found this time in LTC very very useful for me.

    Eva Hornikova - Czech Republic

  • Spain Flag

    What I like most are the meetings every afternoon or evening (the BBQ, picnics, pubs) and all different nationalities of people here.

    Sandra Canovas Soto - Spain

  • Germany Flag

    It’s very good that LTC is international and you meet people from other countries.

    Jule Marie Stephan - Germany

  • Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Flag

    LTC is a very very good, nice and beautiful.
    Thank you LTC, I will not forget you.

    Almekdad Abaid - Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

  • Japan Flag

    I can recommend them (my homestay family) to all students!!! They were so nice including the cat, Jack. They’re very friendly.

    Yuna Kajita - Japan

  • Russia Flag

    Very helpful staff, excellent teachers.
    I had problems with listening, understanding and grammar. But now I am better in this, thanks.

    Peter Charushin - Russia

  • Ukraine Flag

    My lessons were interesting, good residential accommodation, very good food.

    Alex Silenko - Ukraine

  • Russia Flag

    The best school. It sunk into my soul. New places, new friends, great moments… I promise we’ll meet again.

    Sonya Kuftina - Russia

  • Russia Flag

    Very interesting lessons.
    LTC is my new home and I hope that I come to LTC next year.

    Olga - Russia