Student Comments

About LTC Eastbourne and the town

Here are some of the comments we have received from our students from around the world recently. You can click on the links to see the original feedback!

  • Italy Flag

    Clean, organised, efficient, feeling of protection under the supervision of staff, very friendly atmosphere.

    Lippi (Group Leader) - Italy

  • Slovenia Flag

    The staff was really friendly and helpful. The activities were planned really well. I liked everything in LTC. LTC is the best school!

    Nejc Potocnik - Slovenia

  • Brazil Flag

    I liked very much the methodology of teaching.
    All the teachers are very good.

    Cristiane De Brito - Brazil

  • Turkey Flag

    Staff is really polite, good and helpful. This is the best thing I think.

    Ozlem Gezgin - Turkey

  • Russia Flag

    LTC, thank you for the most beautiful weeks in my summer. I’ll never forget those weeks. Thank you for the most funny and the best staffs in the world…LTC is my second family.

    Daria Lavrinova - Russia

  • Italy Flag

    I will recommend because is an amazing place to have fun, meet new people and learn Engish.

    Daniel Gomez – Group Leader - Italy

  • Poland Flag

    Everybody is very friendly and helpful. There is a really amazing atmosphere.
    I hope I will come back to LTC next year.

    Magda Gizesizuk - Poland

  • Italy Flag

    In LTC I like all. The food is very good. LTC have a big garden… The staff is very friendly and nice.

    Edoardo Odasso - Italy

  • Russia Flag

    I’m very glad that I’ve been here. I like all teachers and staff. It was very funny. I will miss so much

    Olga Smiznova - Russia

  • Colombia Flag

    The best thing of LTC is the staff, they are awesome, very helpful.

    Juan Esteban - Colombia