LTC Eastbourne’s 60th Anniversary

This year LTC Eastbourne is celebrating its 60<sup>th</sup> anniversary. It has become a landmark destination for international students to learn English in Eastbourne

Compton Place has always been a well-loved destination, even for royalty. It has welcomed many royal guests throughout its 700 years of history including King George III, King George V, our current Queen Elizabeth II, her sister Princess Margaret and a German Princess, Alexandra of Hesse, who later became the last Tsarina

Compton Place first became a ladies residential finishing school in 1954, it opened as LTC Ladies College of English. Apparently ‘LTC‘ stood for Ladies Training College,  but we have never seen this in writing.

As time went on fewer and fewer young girls dreamed of becoming a ‘lady’ and began to train as doctors, lawyers and for other professions. As a result, the demand for LTC’s courses declined.

In 1983, LTC became a language school for boys and girls and has grown to become the school we know today. Last year 3,035 students and 120 groups from 43 different countries came to learn English for an unforgettable learning experience.

Celebrations will take place this September to commemorate LTC Eastbourne’s 60<sup>th</sup> anniversary. It will be an opportunity for past and present students and staff to reflect on their time at LTC and look forward to many more successful years.

Ladies College of English

Ladies College of English

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