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LTC London has now closed





For courses in London, LTC recommends LSI schools. LSI has been providing language training since 1965 and now has fourteen schools around the world, including central London and Hampstead. LSI schools in the UK are fully accredited by the British Council. To book courses at LSI London Central or LSI London Hampstead, or to find out more information, please visit the LSI website:

LSI London Central
19-21 Ridgmount Street
London, WC1E 7AH
Tel: +44 (0)207 467 6500


LSI London Hampstead
13 Lyndhurst Terrace
London, NW3 5QA
Tel: 44 (0)20 7794 8111







LTC Eastbourne is now operating as an independent English language school. To contact LTC Eastbourne, please click on the link below.














Our flexible English courses are right for you whatever your needs:

• A short course to increase your confidence and fluency
• A longer course to raise the level of your English
• IELTS exam preparation to help you obtain an internationally recognised qualification
• Business English classes to prepare you to use English at work




For more information, click the links below:

General English Standard

General English Plus

Exam Preparation Courses


Care of Students Under the Age of 18

Our General English courses are for adult students (median age 20-22). However, if you are age 16 or 17, we can offer you a place and have special arrangements for your welfare.

We have staff who are trained to support you. They will get to know you individually and will help you if you have a problem or a question.

View details of the level of care we give to students under 18

Nationality Mix 2014 (adult students)

Italian 17% Brazilian 9%
Thai 9% Saudi 9%
Japanese 8% Korean 8%
French 4% Colombian 4%
Czech 4% Chilean 4%

Fact File

  • Timetable: General English classes 9:15-12:45 Monday-Friday

  • Timetable: Plus classes 13:45-15:15 Monday-Thursday

  • Age Range 16+, Median age 22 (20 in summer)

  • Class Size Maximum 12

  • Course length 1 week minimum

  • Course Start Date Any Monday (or Tuesday in a week that begins with a public holiday)

  • Course Finish Date Finish any Friday

  • Levels Elementary to Advanced. Please note we do not take Beginners.

  • Public Holidays There are no classes on public holidays - see our Prices page for details


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