LTC London has now closed






    For courses in London, LTC recommends LSI schools. LSI has been providing language training since 1965 and now has fourteen schools around the world, including central London and Hampstead. LSI schools in the UK are fully accredited by the British Council. To book courses at LSI London Central or LSI London Hampstead, or to find out more information, please visit the LSI website:

    LSI London Central
    19-21 Ridgmount Street
    London, WC1E 7AH
    Tel: +44 (0)207 467 6500

    LSI London Hampstead
    13 Lyndhurst Terrace
    London, NW3 5QA
    Tel: 44 (0)20 7794 8111







    LTC Eastbourne is now operating as an independent English language school. To contact LTC Eastbourne, please click on the link below.























    We have been a language school for 25 years, so we have a lot of experience in helping all kinds of students. Our staff will know what to do to help you during your stay in the fantastic city of London.

    Airport Transfers

    We can arrange for a special taxi to meet you when you arrive and bring you to your accommodation. We can also arrange for a taxi to take you back to the airport when you leave.

    Adult students can come independently on the bus or the train, but we strongly recommend an LTC transfer if you are under 18. With our Park and Assist service, our driver will stay with you until you check in at the airport (see prices page for details of the fees).

    Advice on Further Studies

    If you plan to study in the UK we can give you help and advice: everything from courses in flower arranging and hairdressing to Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses at a British university.

    Advice on Travel and Transport
    We can also give you advice on transport within London and the best way to travel to other places in the UK and Europe.

    Job/Working advice
    If you are from an EU / EEA country, then you can look for a part-time job in the UK. The school can offer advice on how to find a job and about issues such as pay and tax.

    Help with Problems

    If you are finding it difficult to adjust to life in England, speak to our Student Counsellor, who will listen to you and do everything possible to help.


    We can help you if you need to see a doctor or a dentist and give you advice about payment. We strongly recommend that you have insurance. View the policy we recommend.

    Letters and documents

    We can provide official letters and documents to help you if you want to open a bank account, rent your own accommodation or (EU students only) find a job.

    Social Programme/Excursions and International Trips

    Please see our social programme page for more information.

    Care of Young Students

    If you are under the age of 18 and you come to LTC London without an adult, we have a member of staff whose job it is to help and support you.  She will get to know you individually and will always be there to help you if you have a problem or question.

    View details of the level of care we give to students under 18

    Please see all sections of the price pages to calculate the fees for your course.