Become an Agent

Our school differentiates itself from other competitors by the quality of client services, personal attention to agents and students, professionalism and flexibility.


What does LTC offer its agents?What can LTC offer your students?BECOME AN AGENT IN THREE STEPS
  • A guarantee of quality – Our school is accredited by the British Council and is a member of English UK.
  • Professional and efficient communication with the Marketing Department
  • Monthly newsletter with the most up to date information
  • Experience of working with over 200 Educational Advisors
  • Direct communication with the school
  • Support from our friendly staff
• Safe, convenient locations in the South of England
• An international student community, adult students from 61 different countries
• Summer School for Younger Students from June – August
• A range of accredited adult courses
• A varied social programme
• Full use of the school facilities
• Homestay accommodation within walking distance of the school, ages 13+
• Residential dormitory accommodation above the school, ages 10-16
1.) Email our Marketing Manager on [email protected] and complete the form she provides.

2.) We will then send you the Agreement which you must sign and return to us.

3.) On completion, we will send you a certificate of partnership that you can print and display.

That’s it!

You are welcome to visit our school any time, please contact , our Marketing Manager to arrange a visit.

What is required of an agent?
• Accurately inform your students about LTC’s school, courses and services
• Enrol your students at LTC, collect the necessary £200 deposit per student and pass on the confirmation documents
• Help your students apply for a Visa (if necessary)
• Keep the school informed of any changes to your student’s travel arrangements
• Support your students throughout their stay at LTC