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Meet the 2019 Catering Team

It’s a busy time of year here at LTC Eastbourne, with all hands on deck as hundreds of students arrive from across the world. The catering team are tasked with providing our students, leaders and staff with breakfast, lunch and dinner. The team is led by Tiziana, our Catering Mananger, who with her team cater for all of our students. The catering team bring flavours from across the world, for example we have Spanish and Mexican themed menus, aswell as traditional classics such as fish and chip Friday and the much loved roast dinner on a Sunday.

Take a look at the indivdual bio’s below, which provide an insight into the people behind the food. The catering team look forward to meeting you all this summer, remember to say your ‘please’ and ‘thank you’s’.



Nickname – Tiz

Country of birth – Italy

Random fact about Tiz – Tiz loves rock music

Favourite British meal? Fish pie

Favourite non-British meal? Aubergine parmesan (Italy)


Nickname – Big Lee

Country of birth – UK

Random fact about Lee – ‘One of my favourite films is Nanny Mcphee

Favourite British meal? Veggie sausage, mash potato and baked beans

Favourite non-British meal? Pad See Ew (Thailand)


Nickname – Frenchie

Country of birth – UK

Random fact about Toby – Lives in France

Favourite British meal? Roast dinner

Favourite non-British meal? Galette (France)


Nickname – Marco

Country of birth – Italy

Random fact about Marco – He writes in a language that does not exist

Favourite British meal? Scones

Favourite non-British meal? Lasagna (Italy)


Nickname – Riki

Country of birth – Honduras

Random fact about Riki – He loves football

Favourite British meal? English breakfast

Favourite non-British meal? Lasagna (Italy)


Nickname – Kaino

Country of birth – UK

Random fact about Kaine – Kaine has been to 28 countries at 22 years old

Favourite British meal? Chips with curry sauce

Favourite non-British meal? Mie goreng (Indonesia)


Nickname – Fran

Country of birth – Italy

Random fact about Francesco – He supports A.C Milan

Favourite British meal? Fish and Chips

Favourite non-British meal? Pizza and Pasta (Italy)


Nickname - Geo

Country of birth - Canary Island, Spain

Random fact about Geo - He loves football

Favourite British meal? Roast Dinner

Favourite non-British meal? Pizza (Italy)



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