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English with Business Skills Diplomas and Certificates

LTC works with Pitman Training centres to create a unique English and Business Skills programme in London.

This programme gives you the chance to combine an English language course at LTC with learning practical skills for the office at the Pitman Training in Hammersmith, London.

Click here to see the Pitman Training website.

Who is this programme for?

It’s for you if you are looking for a job and need practical skills on your CV or if you need practical skills for your job. It’s also a very good way to practise your English by using it to study a different subject.

How does it work?

You study English in the morning at LTC. In the afternoon, you go to Pitman Training.

Pitman use individualised learning where you study at your own pace on a PC with a course advisor there to help you. There will normally be other students at Pitman Training, most of them British people.

We recommend you study about 15 hours per week. Pitman Training are open in the afternoons, some evenings and for a few hours on Saturdays.

The Pitman Training Centre is located 15 minutes away by tube (approx. £25 per week)

What level do I have to be?

Your English must be intermediate (B1) or higher. You can be a beginner in the Pitman course subject (apart from those which are at “Level 2” or “Expert” level).

What about visas?

If you need a visa to study in Britain, you get your visa for your English language course. The Pitman course is “supplementary” and doesn’t affect your visa. However, you must study English at LTC for the duration of your Pitman course.

Do I have to take an exam?

Yes. You have to pass a test at the end of every module on your Pitman course.

What if I don’t have time to finish my Pitman course while I am in England?

You can complete your Pitman course online when you get home.

What courses are available?

Click here for Business Skills Diploma courses information.

Click here for Business Skills Certificate and Diploma prices.

How do I enrol?

Book your English course in the normal way and then add the name of your Pitman course on the enrolment form.  For example:

General English 20 lessons + Introduction to HTML

Please Note

Pitman Training courses fall outside the scope of the British Council accreditation scheme.

Fact File

  • Lessons per Week 20 or 28 English Lessons with flexible hours at the local Pitman Centre

  • Age Range 16+

  • Class Size Maximum 12 for your English Classes

  • Course length 2+ weeks

  • Levels Intermediate (B1) or higher

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