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General English + IELTS Exam Preparation

28 Lessons/ 21 Hours of study per week

This course is ideal for students studying towards the IELTS exam.

Your morning classes focus on raising the level of your General English. Your afternoon classes focus on the skills and strategies necessary for the IELTS exam and the assessment methods and techniques for gaining the best possible results.

There is lots of speaking practice in the morning lessons to make you more confident and fluent. Our teachers will also help you improve your pronunciation and listening skills, and you can do further work on this during your free time in our study centre. Our study centre manager is always on hand to help if you have any questions.

We will give you regular homework to support your work within the classroom and each month there is a progress test.

You will have a tutorial at the start of your programme to look at your aims and set some realistic targets for your exam. You will then have regular tutorials (every 4 weeks) with your teachers to look at your progress and give you advice on how to keep improving your English and focus on your weaknesses.

Please not that you must be Intermediate level+ to do an examination course but you can move from General English to an exam class when you are a suitable level at no extra cost.

Teaching Methods:

In General English classes, we use Communicative Language Teaching – you learn to improve your English language skills by using English.  There is a strong focus on speaking and listening, and you will spend a lot of time working together with your classmates.  We also integrate grammar and vocabulary work with practice in the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The IELTS exam classes include full revision of grammatical points and feature lots of practical advice about exam techniques.

Teaching and Study Materials:

We lend you a course book (you don’t have to pay extra).  Your teacher will use the course book as a basis for your course, but he or she will also bring in extra materials and you can use our study centre for self study.

Certificates and Reports:

At the end of your studies with LTC you will be given a certificate if you have attended at least 80% of your lessons. You will also be given a report from your teacher.

Results 2012

General English + IELTS Exam Practice
IELTS Results 2012 at 05/11/2012
IELTS 5.5 3 students
IELTS 6.0 4 students
IELTS 7.0 3 students
IELTS 7.5 2 students
IELTS 8.0 1 student



General English Course 28 Lessons - Timetable

Price List 2013

Please see our fees page for special offers and promotions, and full information on all fees and charges.

Weeks Price per week
1-4 £215
5-11 £210
12-23 £188
24-35 £168
36+ £153

Price List 2012

Weeks Price per week
1-11 £195
12-23 £180
24-35 £160
36+ £150

Fact File

  • Lessons per Week Full Time/ 28 Lessons/ 21 Hours

  • Age Range 16+

  • Class Size 12 Maximum

  • Course length 1 Week Minimum

  • Levels Intermediate to Advanced. Please note we do not take beginners.

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