Nicole Häfliger

Nicole Hafliger-Switzerland

It was a great experience. The teachers are really friendly.

Giorgio Russo


The lessons were enjoyable and I learnt a lot of things. Now I can understand when the people talk with me and I can also reply to them. I can […]

Chiara Prieto


It is a very good school, if you hesitate with another, take this one!!! Teachers are really good and help you a lot to really improve your English and the […]

Khin That War Aye


This course is very effective to me. Teachers are good, friendly and skillful. I feel happy to have a chance to meet people from various country. – Burma

Simone Bovi


LTC is a fantastic school, it’s very fun and interesting… It’s a great experience.

Karolina Maria Fengler


I really improved my English here and I enjoyed being here for three weeks.

Thanamin Sintoeun


London is a very nice ventre. It is so beautiful. LTC school is the best school in my heart.

Asia Orlietti


I really liked the time here in London, the city was really beautiful. I enjoyed the lessons at the school very much and also the teachers. The host family was […]

Sandra Badura


This school is better than any school in Poland…I really enjoyed my time here because I can speak English better than before.

Marie-Pier Fleury


People are very friendly and teachers are son funny and helpful. The student lounge is a good place to meet people from other countries.