‘Studying at LTC Eastbourne’ by Manuela Botero Rodas

Last week we held a writing competition at LTC Eastbourne asking students to write about their experiences of studying at the school and their daily routine. We had many wonderful contributions, but the winning submission was from Manuela Botero Rodas. She won a £15 voucher for Costa Coffee, so well done Manuela!


So without any further delay, have a read about Manuela’s experiences at LTC Eastbourne.

“My life in England is wonderful. I have been here for five months and every day is a beautiful opportunity to learn something amazing. My main objective here is to learn English. For that purpose I wake up every morning at 7:00 am. I take a big yawn, rub my eyes and get up from bed. I reach for my mobile phone looking for last night’s messages from my love. As he always texts me, I know there is a reason to warm my heart. I reply with a romantic “Good morning my love”. Next, I stretch my arms and go to take a shower. I love to sing during the shower until I remind myself that my singing sucks. I get dressed and then go to the kitchen to make my breakfast. Usually, I prepare scrambled eggs and Special K cereal. After breakfast, I brush my teeth in a hurry because I realise that I am late for school. I run as fast as I can to school, luckily I live 10 minutes away so I get there quite quickly.

My first class of the day usually is about vocabulary and grammar. The first activity is to speak with my classmates about what I did yesterday after class. It is very amusing to listen to what my classmates have to say because there is always a funny story.


At 10:45 am, we take a break – I love this part of the day because I can spend some time with my friends in the beautiful garden that the school has. After the break, I just have to wait for my favourite class with Alan, especially when it is Friday and we play games like “Bomb” or “Color Cards”. I have to admit that at first I was not very good at this game but now I have improved a lot. Anyway I expect to win the game before I leave Eastbourne.


When the day is done, I usually walk home with my friends. Once I get in my house, I cook my special healthy lunch with salmon or chicken and vegetables. I take a nap to get some energy to avoid a “homework headache” thanks to grammar. After homework, I wait for my friends to ring me or for a night school activity. These activities consist of a meeting with other students to practice English with a casual conversation. I love this exercise because generally you talk with people from other countries from different cultures allowing you to learn new things.

When I get back home, if I have not had dinner, I prepare something light before getting ready to go to sleep, I brush my teeth, I get in my pyjamas and I go to bed then I close my eyes to dream with the day to come.”

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