5 Benefits of Learning English

by Nirvana Yarger When you are struggling with spelling or trying to remember all the different verb tenses, it can be tempting to give up on learning English altogether. If […]

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Friends for life

We were recently contacted by Agathe, an ex-LTC Eastbourne student. Agathe, seventeen from Paris, attended our summer school in both 2015 and 2017. We’re delighted to share Agathe’s story, about […]

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Why Learning English Is Important

Why Learn English: 10 Reasons To Learn English | LTC

Why is learning English important? Well, English is the third largest language spoken by native speakers worldwide and the most popular second language there is. As such, the Importance of […]

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3 English Words I Will Never Forget and Why

By Luciana Patri English is such a fascinating language with an extensive and sometimes eccentric vocabulary. Here are some of Luciana’s favourite words – what are yours? Berserk Deriving from […]

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Which English Course is the Best for You?

Which English Course Is Best? What Course Should You Take | LTC

Are you wondering which English Course is the best for you? Which course meets your requirements and will help you to achieve your goals? Which Is the best English course […]

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Why is English So Difficult to Learn?

Why Is English So Difficult To Learn? | LTC Eastbourne

Why is English so difficult to learn? Well, in short, broken rules, treacherous homophones, and nouns which don’t really make any sense, all contribute to make English a difficult language […]

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5 top tips for long-haul flights

If you are coming to study with us at LTC in England, you may be making your first long-haul international flight. While some students come to us from Continental Europe […]

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How To Learn English Fast: Tips To Learn English Quickly

How To Learn English Fast & Easily | LTC

In today’s world it seems as though everybody is trying to move faster and always in a rush. Everything needs to be done faster, whether that be communicating, travelling, or […]

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Top tips for complimenting in English

By Jennifer Rieck   Who doesn’t like to be complimented? Complimenting someone is a friendly way to approach them and to let them know you are interested in talking to […]

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British Bank Holiday Vocabulary

Every few days each year, in the UK, there are particular days which are called a ‘Bank Holiday’. Traditionally, in the UK and Ireland, a bank holiday is a day […]

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