How The British Enjoy Their Summer

The British Summertime, at best, can be unpredictable. We are not guaranteed the same sunny and hot weather as more southern European destinations, say for example Spain or Greece, but […]

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Will English Become The Universal Language of the Future?

Will English Become The Universal Language Of The Future? | LTC

Is English a global language? Will English become the only language? Well, English is undeniably becoming the global language of the future with facts and stats to prove it. If […]

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Why is English So Difficult to Learn?

Why Is English So Difficult To Learn? | LTC Eastbourne

Why is English so difficult to learn? Well, in short, broken rules, treacherous homophones, and nouns which don’t really make any sense, all contribute to make English a difficult language […]

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Letter from Buckingham Palace

It’s not every day you get a letter from Buckingham Palace, but we received one this morning.  A couple of weeks ago, as part of a class project, some of […]

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Why The English Language Is So Popular

Why Is English So Popular | LTC Englisg School

Why is English so popular? What is it that has helped establish English as a global language? During the late middle English and early modern English periods it was expected […]

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How To Learn English Fast: Tips To Learn English Quickly

How To Learn English Fast & Easily | LTC

In today’s world it seems as though everybody is trying to move faster and always in a rush. Everything needs to be done faster, whether that be communicating, travelling, or […]

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What Is Communicative English?

What Is Communicative English: The Communicative Approach | LTC

What is communicative English? Well it’s in the name… Communicating in English! Communicative English is an approach to language teaching in which a student learns from real life interaction, which […]

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