Valentine’s Day: Vocabulary

It is that time of year where we give flowers, chocolates or cards of affection to particular people which could only mean that it is Valentine’s Day. It is such a wonderful […]

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British and American English

In our last post, we looked at the culture of Halloween in the UK and some language. One thing that is clear is that this traditional event is very popular in the USA and many people make such a big effort when preparing for Halloween in America. You just need to watch ET and you will see how the kids prepared for Halloween. In the UK, it is not as popular as the USA. In fact, there are a lot of differences between the UK and USA with many of the differences being the language. This blog post looks at the differences between British and American English with different names for the same thing.

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Halloween 2015: Vocabulary

It seems that the end of the year is fast approaching and one thing that is celebrated in the UK every 31 October is Halloween. This is a special occasion where people – both young and old – dress up in scary costumes. To get you in the spirit of Halloween, we are going to look at some vocabulary and phrases. Be sure to use them!

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5 English Expressions about Cycling

During the British summer, cycling becomes a popular hobby across the country. You may have seen the Eastbourne Cycling Festival in June? Or watched the Tour De France last month? I […]

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How The English Language Will Evolve Over Time

How Will English Evolve | LTC

As with anything, the English language is ever-evolving. But how noticeable is this evolution? How does the English we use today compare to what people were using hundreds of years […]

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3 English Words I Will Never Forget and Why

By Luciana Patri English is such a fascinating language with an extensive and sometimes eccentric vocabulary. Here are some of Luciana’s favourite words – what are yours? Berserk Deriving from […]

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6 Ways To Develop Your English Fluency

Develop Your English Fluency | LTC English

Learning a new language is tough, anybody who has attempted to learn a new language will be able to tell you this. But what about when you already have the […]

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British Bank Holiday Vocabulary

Every few days each year, in the UK, there are particular days which are called a ‘Bank Holiday’. Traditionally, in the UK and Ireland, a bank holiday is a day […]

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International Talk Like A Pirate Day

If you didn’t know, 19th September each year is a special event – it is “International Talk Like A Pirate Day”. We have some phrases to help should you wish […]

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Autumn Vocabulary

As Autumn is now upon us, and it being Wednesday, we are going to learn some new vocabulary about this lovely season. Before we start though, Autumn is named differently […]

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