LTC Eastbourne offers a range of English language courses for adutls and juniors, accommodation close to the school in the lovely seaside town of Eastbourne, UK.

Annika Jang

The school looks nice and you can learn English very good.


LTC, thank you for 4 weeks, the most beautiful and funny weeks in my summer. I’ll never forget these weeks. Thank you for the most funny and the best staffs […]

Kalliopi-Chara Xenou

Very good lessons, very good teachers and activities.


LTC is a great place to learn English… I love all lessons and teachers here. Specially I want to say huge thank you to my main teacher. She is great […]


When I’ve not understand a word, the teachers explained it very good.

Andrea Martines

‘For me, during [my time at LTC Eastbourne] it has been good with nothing to dislike. I really liked the lessons, the teachers [were] helpful and I think I had […]


Sunshine, fresh air, good teacher, beautiful school, good food, happy life. This is the best school I’ve ever seen. I hope I can go there again someday

Eva Hornikova

The lesson programme was perfect. I found this time in LTC very very useful for me.

Sandra Canovas Soto

What I like most are the meetings every afternoon or evening (the BBQ, picnics, pubs) and all different nationalities of people here.

Jule Marie Stephan

It’s very good that LTC is international and you meet people from other countries.