Terms and Conditions

Language Teaching Centre Eastbourne Terms and Conditions, effective from August 2018. These terms and conditions apply to bookings and enrolments made from this date until further notice.

1. Bookings are not transferable between students.

2. Deposits: Students must pay either a deposit or full payment before LTC can issue registration documents.

3. Fees: All fees must be paid three weeks before a student’s starting date or LTC may cancel the course.

4. Other charges: If bank or credit card charges apply, students or their representatives will bear the cost of transfers to the school. If LTC sends money to a student or their representatives, the recipient must pay all bank charges in their country.

LTC will send enrolment documents by courier on request. There is a charge for this service.

5. Late payment: LTC may refer debts older than 30 days to debt collection agents. Statutory interest and compensation fees may be charged as per European directive 2000/35/EC.

6. Starting date postponements: If a student postpones their programme one week or less before it starts, they will be charged one additional week’s accommodation fee. If a student postpones three times, this will be treated as a cancellation and fees will apply.

7. Cancellations are only valid if they are made in writing and their receipt confirmed by LTC.

8. Cancellations before programmes start: If a student cancels within 14 days of booking, there is no cancellation fee apart from actual costs incurred by LTC.

If a student cancels later, but before the programme starts, the cancellation fee is normally £60. But if LTC receives the cancellation less than 14 days before the start of the programme, the cancellation fee is £200.

Airport transfers must be cancelled in writing by 12:00 UK time on the Friday before arrival or they will not be refunded.

If LTC issues visa documents and the student cancels, we will report them to the UK immigration authorities unless they provide proof of alternative study arrangements.

If LTC has sent registration documents by post/courier, these must be returned to LTC before we can give any refund.

If a student cancels because of visa refusal and the student or their representative sends us an official notice or letter of refusal from the immigration authorities, we will normally refund all fees paid minus £60 cancellation fee and any homestay costs. If we do not receive visa refusal documentation within 14 days of a student’s cancellation, LTC must report them to the UK immigration authorities.

9. Cancellations after programmes start: If a student arrives after the start of their course, is absent during the course, or leaves before the end of the course, LTC will not give a refund unless exceptional circumstances apply.

LTC may issue credit notes to students for unused weeks. Credit notes are discretionary and have expiry dates.

If a student with a visa cancels or does not attend their course, LTC must inform the UK immigration authorities unless they provide proof of alternative study arrangements.

10. Cancellations by LTC: If LTC is unable to run a student’s course, a complete refund of fees paid to LTC will be made.

11. Student age: Students who are under the minimum age for their course will not be admitted and will be asked to return home at their own expense.

12. Student language levels: Many courses have minimum language level requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to check that their language level is suitable, though LTC may require students to take a level test before enrolment. If a student’s level on arrival at LTC is below the required level for the course, LTC will cancel their course or make arrangements for an alternative course.

13. Students with learning difficulties, disabilities, serious allergies or health problems must inform LTC about these issues when they book. LTC will accept their applications where it is practical and reasonable for us to provide a suitable programme. LTC cannot take responsibility or pay for any extra costs incurred if the school has not been fully informed.

14. Student attendance and behaviour: If a student attends less than 80% of their course, they will not receive a course certificate. LTC will exclude students if their attendance or behaviour is unacceptable. Excluded students will not be given a refund. LTC must report visa students who do not attend regularly to the UK immigration authorities.

See ltc-english.com/pre-departure for the special conditions that apply to students under the age of 18.

15. Changes to courses and premises: LTC may change or alter a course, change the lesson times or hold lessons in suitable accommodation outside our main school buildings.

16. Public holidays: LTC is closed on English public holidays. The fees for weeks that include a public holiday are charged at the full weekly rate and lessons will not be refunded or delivered at other times.

17. Christmas: LTC is closed for two weeks over Christmas and New Year.

18. Student holidays: Students on programmes of 24 weeks or more can include up to two weeks’ holiday in their total study period. Students on programmes of 36 weeks or more can include up to three weeks’ holiday in their total study period. Holiday weeks must be included at the time of booking but actual dates do not have to be confirmed at this time.

The two-week Christmas holiday is not counted as part of the holiday entitlement.

Students must give at least two weeks’ notice of any request for holiday date changes, which will be subject to availability. Holiday dates can be changed only once. LTC will not give refunds or credits for unauthorised holidays.

Visa regulations take precedence over our policy on holidays.

19. Enrolment, accommodation and airport transfer documentation: LTC issues documentation which students’ representatives should pass on to them. LTC cannot accept liability for any consequences of documents not being passed on to students.

20. Accommodation: Students should normally arrive at their accommodation on a Sunday and leave on a Saturday or Sunday in the morning. If students arrive or depart on other days, LTC can give information to help them find a hotel. The student is responsible for the cost of this accommodation.

Students must give at least one week’s notice or pay one week’s fees if they wish to cancel or change their homestay accommodation. We reserve the right to change homestay accommodation during a student’s stay. Students may only pay accommodation fees in installments at the school’s discretion.

LTC acts as an agent in introducing students and homestay providers. The contract is between the student and the homestay provider.

When LTC makes a reservation on behalf of a student in accommodation other than homestay, the terms and conditions of the accommodation provider will apply.

21. Damage to property: Students or those responsible for them must pay the full cost of any damage they cause to property.

22. External factors and information: LTC cannot take responsibility for any external factors in respect of a student’s circumstances, payment, booking or enrolment. LTC cannot take responsibility for informing students or any other parties of changes in immigration legislation, rules or policy. LTC takes no responsibility for incorrect or misleading information given by independent representatives.

23. Data protection: As required by law, LTC has Data Protection Certificate no. Z85778807 from the ICO. Please see our privacy policy for students. For ETOs, please see our information sharing policy for ETOs.

24. Promotional photographs and videos: LTC may take videos or video clips during class or leisure activities and these images may be used in LTC’s publicity, on its social media platforms or by authorised third parties. We will only use these with your consent and, if you are under 18 years old, the consent of your parent/guardian.

25. Complaints and arbitration: In the event of a complaint that cannot be resolved by the customer and the school, the LTC Director of HR and Finance will attempt to resolve the complaint. Students can appeal to EnglishUK if they are dissatisfied with the way LTC deals with a complaint. See www.englishuk.com/en/students/complaints.

26. Additional terms and conditions: Some programmes or promotions may have special fees, charges or terms and conditions. See the literature or documents relating to these programmes and promotions for details.

27. Amendments: LTC updates its Terms and Conditions periodically. If there are any differences between the Terms and Conditions on any document and those on our website ltc-english.com/terms-and-conditions, the web version will be valid and will override any previous version.

28. Non-enforcement of these terms and conditions does not waive our right to enforce them. All contracts and agreements with LTC will be governed by English law.